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Will you renew/buy a ST if McCoist is in charge next season?

Will you renew/buy a ST with McCoist as manager?  

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  1. 1. Will you be renewing/buying a season ticket with Ally McCoist as manager?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Unsure.
    • No, but will attend Ibrox on a game-by-game basis by purchasing paper tickets.

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Done a poll yesterday on renewals but didn't include McCoist in charge as a potential refusal for not renewing/buying a ST.

Personally, I don't I will be renewing. The entire club, from the boardroom to the management and playing staff is an utter disgrace. Massive changes needed everywhere. I'm seriously considering attending Ibrox on a game-by-game basis.

My mind is open to persuasion, as it always is with regards to Rangers.

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My decision on whether I'll be renewing my season ticket will not be based on football.

This sums up for me everything that is wrong with some of our support.....we are a football team and the number 1 priority should always be the football but unfortunately due to the board situation, kings lies and all the different factions some forget that first and foremost we are a football team.

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Yeah we are. It's hardly a decision I'm going to make lightly.

Just ask why they are delaying the results of the 120 review, are they trying to hide something?

So has king proved that claim yet? Because as far as I have been aware from day one the review would be out by the end of April to joe public whilst the renewal deadline runs until may 6th.....

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Pretty sad people won't renew cause they don't like the manager.

Surly that's a taig thing to do if there was such a thing.

i woundnt say its a taig thing. not sure how this comparison even gets made. the choice is pretty simple - stick with Ally and guarantee we will never win the SPL under him (or play decent football regularly again) OR get a new management team in that can possibly get us challenging. seems a pretty simple choice

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To those not renewing because of Ally, read this

Its gonna be tough guys....but


Govan Rear GR4 Row K Seat 0112

I have been going from age aged 6 ...every season. I'm 53. Bill Struth talked of troubled times. Our motto is Ready and our Cry IS No Surrender and Follow Follow.

I have watched Celtic win 9 in a row, and Davie whites humiliation against Gornik. I have watched Gazza and Laudrup light up my saturdays.

It's who I am and what I do. I follow. I support. Its unconditional. It's like the love you can have for a child.

Nick Hornby talks about it eloquently in his book when he was 6 too I think and he realised Arsenal was in his blood and that this love would outlast his marriage.

I have been privileged to support Rangers. It has been an honour. I look at the Thistle and Dumbarton supporters and admire them for their dedication ....to their "Club"

This is the essence... i go to Ibrox to support that nebulous entity ... "Rangers Football Club." McCoist has been disappointing and the players disappointing... and I am disappointed.... but I will never stop going or make ultimatums... never. RTID is a phrase I use and I mean it.

I understand the pain... we should make it bond us.

Its funny you know...im a low poster but pop in here and read daily... Some posters in thousands or with names like loyal dis the likes of me because we don't have "many posts" but are now talking about not renewing till Ally goes. The measure of the supporter not how much they support but how much they post seemingly. We are an easy club to support in the good times but the measure of us is now... loyalty in the hard times. Struth knew these times would come because that is what life is like. He gave us warnings that hard times would come round. The elders amongst us will realsie the se happenings in our personal lives or marriage.

I support our "Club" and I will not hold them to ransom. The current Board are unimpressive, McCoist unimpressive, the players unimpressive, however we the fans have been outstanding in terms of support and a little disappointing in our ability to show some cohesiveness. By all means be unhappy with Board / manager and players and show your displeasure if you feel necessary.

GOAT ... i don't know you but you're clearly passionate and angry. Perhaps I'm older, and having suffered their 9 as a teenager I'm more patient. Think again my friend. Ally will go soon.. his time is nearing, Unless there is a miraculous turnaround which even I don't see. Try and support our Club... evermore... use you passion to galvanise us. ( For the record I have no connections with Board and think our custodians have been poor since Murray lost interest. My view on Ally is at best ambivalent but I will shout for the team and manager on a saturday. This is not a call to renew season tickets but to inspire you just a little to keep going to games next year. If your in GR then say hello hello!)

I know some of you may not renew or may use King's scheme... which is fine and I won't dis you for it, because these are trying times... but believe me ... if you can grit your teeth and hang in for the rest of the journey it will taste all the sweeter when we get there. I know this was not the journey we imagined and the board appear to take us for granted... I'm simply supporting the "Club" I love.

I returned from Ibrox today disappointed with result and the last 2 seasons in general. my wife said it's not been a very entertaining season has it. "I know," I said, " If I wanted entertained though, I'd go to the theatre... but I go to support Rangers... cos that's what I signed up to age 6"

She sighed of course but I trust that most of you might get it.

Disappointed but Loyal and still following

Struth "Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the gallant pioneers."

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I decided after we drew 2-2 with Peterhead on our journey back I wouldn't renew my season ticket for as long as Ally was in charge - yep one game and it was enough for me. that was it for me.

My son and my grandson did renew though, because my 9 year old grandson simply doesn't know any better and my son couldn't deny him.

Because of work commitments my son cant take him to every game so I step in with his card, it's my turn again on Tuesday. I started watching the Rangers with my mates in 1967 and followed them all over the country when we won nowt for years, The joy of winning the 1971 League cup final when a young (and decidedly slim) Derek Johnstone headed home a cross from my all time hero 'Bud' Johnston had me in raptures, something I'll never forget..

Ally has changed my way of thinking and it wont be just me, when I sit in row AA in the Copland rear on Tuesday I have a good view of the empty seats...hope it's not cold, another 6-1 might help fingers crossed.

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