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Going into this game I was not expecting to win it. I was hopeful that we would rise to the occasion and maybe pull off an upset.

What made today so frustrating was that we lost a game 3-1 when we should have won it comfortably. Today I saw us play a team who were there for the taking. They are a very ordinary side with a few decent, pacey players and today they were happy to sit in and hit us on the break for most of the game.

Unfortunatly, player mistakes and failure to take our chances cost us today. The first goal looked a mile offside from where I was sitting (could be wrong though). 2nd goal was horrible defending that gave them the ball, goal itself was lucky as fuck. 3rd goal was a poor free kick then a howler of a goalkeeping error. Therefore, all goals were avoidable.

In terms of creating chances we didn't do much in the second half and couldn't make our possession count but should have been 2 or 3 up in the first half and would have been if it wasn't for sitters missed by Shiels and Daly. If those went in, its a differnt game.

One thing that baffled me today was that we only made one substituion. Nicky Clark came on for Fraser Aird who had a decent game IMO, he gave us width and a bit of pace. Can't get my head round why he takes corners though, most of them never beat the first man. Despite this, I thought he had a decent game and was expecting Shiels to go off. So Clark came on and didn't really make a difference. After seeing that I was expecting him to make another change. He had options, Gallager could have come on or he could have took Daly off and threw Mohsni up front. Instead time just passed without us taking any real risks or going for it. As long as Daly was our CF I just couldn't see us scoring from open play.

On another day things could have been different but I feel today was a real missed opportunity.

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Ciftci apparently not interfering with play - yet McCulloch had to run round him to get to Armstrong?!?!

Also a tale of two deflections - Mohsni's hits a United defender and goes over the bar, the United shot hits Mohsni which takes it over the keeper and into the net.

Our finishing was atrocious as well - just what the fuck do these guys do all week at Murray Park?

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