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How do we get shot of McCoist?


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Bottom line it will cost us close to a million quid to drop Ally, and thats before we pay-off his management team of McDowall and Durrant. So possibly in the region of 1.25 mill? Wild guess i admit but cant be too far off it.

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Who gives a toss, it wasn't a serious threat on the man's life, let's just move on, and back to the important issue, how do we get rid of McCoist?

I agree back on topic I really can't see McCoist walking he's so deluded he genuinely believes he's doing a good job I just hope Wallace isn't as far removed from reality as our manager seems to be

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That's it - I think the likes of Chelsea may have been paying off 4 or 5 at once!

It's perhaps why some don't get fixed up with new jobs as soon as you might imagine, cos it may affect the payouts - if they walk straight into another job with similar money, they haven't actually suffered by losing the first job & getting the balance of their contracts paid out!

Ally certainly wont be walking into another manager job any time soon!

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