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You see, this highlights why I both love and hate these threads. They always happen at this time of year, and I can't stay away from them and I really should tbh. I would definitly buy that strip, it looks amazing, but the thing is it will be nothing like it.

I see so many great designs on here, and I would buy all 3 strips if the very talented fans who design them got their way, but it will never happen. We then see our real strips, and they look like a pile of mince and the whole thing is a huge let down.

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Clubs should ask fans to design 3 shirts then vote. It's the best way to satisfy everyone and make loads of wonga. £££££!

I wouldn't.

Can you imagine our support having to choose between 3 things? It's bad enough with 2!!

It would be an all our war which would probably mean the end of our club.

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