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1 hour ago, ForeverAndEver said:

I've enjoyed it from the start tbf, some stuff is a bit far fetched though. 

Reddington's quallity as well imo

First couple of seasons were the best I think but that's the case quite a lot, i've still kept on watching it

James Spader is great

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What sort of braindead downy decides to watch the seventh season of a show to see if it's any good?  Start from the first like a normal cunt you cretin. 

University Challenge earlier. What do you call it when some boring cunt called Tam is selling tickets to try to punt his old mini?

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1 hour ago, .Williamson. said:

Is Manhunt going to be a thing that covers a different criminal case every season?

I've been watching a mass amount of stuff about the zodiac killer recently. 

The ending of Mindhunter seems to suggest that the zodiac killer is going to feature heavily in the second season. 

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9 hours ago, Band of Brothers said:

1st season ep3 just :headscratch:

It was episode 3 I had in mind as a reboot although, I'm thinking it's more of a re-hash of Season 1 episode 3 and the White Christmas special from season 2. It's the same basic theme of replaying memories in the 3rd episode in season 4 too, disappointing there is nothing new so far.

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