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Terrible news. Didn't think I would be so saddened by the passing of someone I had only met in cyberspace. On holiday just now and haven't been posting, but was genuinely shocked by this news about Derek.

Didn't really have many heated debates with him, as I tended to agree with him. He was an interesting chap with a good sense of humour. He showed his passion in the BD and intelligence and wit in the OT and Debating Chamber.

I came to really like him and I'm going to miss him and his thoughts. He was a good guy.

Goodbye, Manticore. Take it easy, mate.

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Condolences from WVB. RIP Manti.

It was WVB who broke the news to me ECB. I deliberated about the appropriateness of posting anything in the event it may cause some upset, perhaps to family.

However there is a thread on another forum so it seems to be in the public domain.

I laugh when I think back to those old days - Myself, Minstral, WVB Manti and others constantly arguing with that Bauba guy - and admin at that time refusing to accept he was an interloper.

Eventually the roaster outed himself during the Scottish Cup Final against QOS much to our amusement and a massive "Told you so ! " to admin.

Sleep well brother.

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I am proud to have called Derek my friend (even though he loved to wind me up about women and football), he was one of the first to make me feel a part of the RM family. A true gentleman on and off the board, I wish I had the chance to meet him when I was over. Like many I didn't realize he was ill and it has been a big shock to hear the news. So I will lift a glass to another absent friend, you will be missed my friend. :cheers:

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