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*** RM Sponsors' Fund - NEW SEASON - JOIN NOW! ***

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Dear fellow Bears,

It’s time!

The RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund Season 2014/2015 Annual Membership Renewal / New Membership Drive has now launched.

If you know what that means, and you’ve just been waiting patiently to sign up, then you can ignore all the guff below, click this RM Paypal Donate link, and donate your £10

(£10 is the recommended joining fee, but you can donate more if you’re wealthy, or less if you’re not so wealthy)

- add your username in the special instruction bit, and PM me your username (and if you don’t mind telling me the donation amount, then that helps me with my running totals).

If you don’t know what the above means, then read on…

RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund is now entering its third season, and in order for it to be as successful as the last two seasons, we need you to join.

If you’re not sure what the Sponsors’ Fund is then hopefully this link will tell you what the fund was this time last year...


(it’s evolved a bit since then, but in good ways. :D )

And then last season’s accounts will tell you what we got up to last season…

http://forum.rangers...howtopic=264097 .

We’ve currently got about £1000 still in our ‘account’ which is enough to pay for one player’s sponsorship, but we now need to raise another £1000 to ensure we maintain our current sponsorship level of two players for what will surely be the most challenging season since the journey began.

That equates to 100 RM members signing up with an average donation of £10.

[ EDIT: after agreed policy change, we won't be sponsoring a player, instead, we'll be spending the money (current total: £2700) on assorted Rangers Products and Services as agreed by the members. ]

So what are you waiting for?

Simply go to the RM PayPal Donate page, and donate your chosen amount. (you can use your normal bank card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account).

Somewhere during the donate process, if you look very carefully, you may find a link saying “+add special instructions to recipient” or something like that. If you spot it, click on it and add a message like “donation from (your RM Username)” or something similar. If you don’t spot the link don’t worry, Admin will still hopefully be able to match your donation to your username.

Once you’ve made the donation, please send me a PM (Private Message) so that I can add you to the members’ list and update the running totals.

Your £10 Annual Membership Fee gets you:

  • Your name in the RM Sponsors’ Fund Hall of Fame
  • Full participation / opinion / voting rights in anything Fund-related
  • Eligibility in all competitions/giveaways – last season various lucky members received all sorts of goodies, like Bar72 tickets, Auchenhowie visits, signed shirts, framed shirts, So much that I forget!
  • Exclusive merchandise offers only open to Fund Members. (Ask last season’s members – they got some pretty good bargains, and we’ve got some new ones lined up!)
  • The knowledge that your £10 is being spent supporting Rangers. No ifs or buts
  • The knowledge that your £10 will go a lot further when it’s added to your fellow Bears’ contributions than it would on its own

So that’s it. Join the Sponsors’ Fund - because supporting Rangers FC is a Good Thing. (tu)

Donating via the RM Paypal Page...



Current Sponsors' Fund Membership - 110

  • 10pshortof17pound
  • 72Barca
  • Adda
  • AlanCompton
  • AljayBoy
  • Andy Little's Boots
  • As I Was Walking….
  • Bears r us
  • better than all the rest
  • bettertogether
  • Big Al II
  • Bigfc
  • blackpool blue
  • Blink1872
  • bluenosebrad
  • bluepeter
  • bluepeter9
  • BluesClues
  • bootlaces
  • broxiteddy19
  • bump
  • Cadman
  • Cairo1
  • Carling1873
  • Carsons Army
  • chris182
  • Courtyard Bear
  • Crackfox
  • cruixranger
  • cstamomusa
  • dexiboy
  • don logan
  • dummiesoot
  • Dunny_01
  • Eck the bear
  • ekudamram
  • elephants stoned
  • Falcoholic
  • fermblue
  • FlippinEck
  • G13
  • GF7
  • gmcf
  • gordo7
  • govanblue
  • GovanSW1
  • Hairy RZ
  • HG5
  • iain1712
  • ianb1547
  • ianr
  • Jamess
  • Jean-ClaudeDarcheville
  • Jimmyblue9
  • JohnH
  • Jonok
  • Jules Winnfield
  • Keeps01
  • legalbeagle
  • Long Shadow
  • LSGers
  • Malvern
  • mclaren
  • Mr Brightside
  • mus
  • Muz333
  • my shepherds
  • NamibianBear
  • One Jock Wallace
  • onslowdriver
  • Phil
  • pye1965
  • ranter
  • RFC Eagle
  • RFC#1.
  • ritchieshearercaldow
  • robg58
  • sandyboyblue
  • scottishowl
  • Sea Bear
  • Siam69
  • Sket
  • smidro
  • SoldierBlue1
  • SportingIntegrityMyArse
  • Sprotson11
  • StornowayBlue
  • StornowayLoyal
  • StuBlueKPL
  • SW3
  • Swally
  • TFP77
  • TheBEST-Simples
  • thebluedoo
  • thehost
  • The Mongoose
  • TheWhiteSettler
  • thistleman
  • trueblue68
  • trublusince1982
  • Travelrug
  • Twadugs
  • Wee Bud
  • worcesterloyal
  • wotmeworry
  • wrongshapedballs
  • Young Bob
  • Young Conqueror
  • ZZed

Pledged - 3

  • ManchestGer
  • QueensEleven

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So... 2 tickets... I would suggest giving them to Combat Stress - Hollybush House. They've always appreciated any tickets from us in the past. One good thing about Hollybush house is that since the

Cheers bump That takes us to 45 members donated and 5 pledged. Which is 50, which is Halfway! So, we still need another 50 of you Loyal Rangers Supporting RM Members to join us. Come on. You know

Dear fellow Bears, It’s time! The RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund Season 2014/2015 Annual Membership Renewal / New Membership Drive has now launched. If you know what that means, and you’ve just been wait

Nae probs govan tenner paid

£10 on it`s way

Renewed GB -- Insomnia is a b*tch

Move over Easdales I now own the club with this donation ( Don't I ?)

Screen shots taken of the Paypal receipt (for my Huge folder of press clippings)


money paid

Thanks folks. That's us now into double figures:

Current Sponsors Fund Membership - 12

  • As I Was Walking….
  • Crackfox
  • gmcf
  • govanblue
  • GovanSW1
  • Hairy RZ
  • Jimmyblue9
  • my shepherds
  • RFC Eagle
  • Sprotson11
  • TheWhiteSettler
  • Twadugs

So welcome to new member Sprotson11, and welcome back to our renewed members - your seat in the Hall of Fame is secured. (tu)

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I've just made my own donation, and I see that RM TechAdmin have still not fixed that 'PayPal missing page' issue which has been reported several times. :(

After you make your donation, if you get redirected to what looks like a blank page with only the words "Index of..." - don't worry, your payment has gone through, you've just been redirected to an RM "Thank you" page that's been deleted.

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Howdae ah know ma tenner wulnae go intae big Sandy's back pokit?

Because the Sponsors Fund produces accounts and are open and transparent. Unlike those selling dodgy shirts and certain other high profile 'fans chiefs'.

So are you going to contribute or just continue trolling?

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Renewed (tu) great stuff GB thanks for taking the time effort to keep this going.

TBH, I've rushed it out earlier than planned, because I've just found out I'm going to be incredibly busy over the next month or two, and so I'll be thin on the ground on here. So I'm hoping that the members can keep the momentum of the thread going, answer any queries that come along, encourage others to join, etc, and all I need to do is tally it up every few days. (tu)

I'll also start a "let's spend the money" thread, and a "what shall we do with all these goodies" thread.

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Well seeing this pops up around summer holiday time....

Unfortunately I don't have a say in when they have the football season. :(

But if we want to have our sponsorship in place for the start of the season, then we need to raise the money to pay for it now.

But hey - at least School Uniforms won't be an issue. (tu)

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