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***Rangers v Hibernian***


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better beat this lot on tuesday. if not we're out of a cup competition yet again.

honestly, what is it going to take to get ally to leave? failing to get a promotion to the premiership? we shouldnt wait that long. if we fall out of this competition and are in a bad position league wise then he better be out before christmas. it's a fucking joke.


the bheasts are getting a new one ripped. 6-1. might cheer some of you up.

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6superbarry6 hits the nail on the head for me. I'd expect to come out at us all guns blazing, encouraged by our performance today, but I don't give a money's what they do, I want to see us change our game from the sluggish, can't be bothered appearances that today exemplified, to showing that we have the better team. And that we know it.

This cup should be ours. (tu)

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Don't be silly. They have premiership experience, and are use to playing at a level higher than us. The excuses are all ready.

plus we havent had a pre season (it certainly looked like it today), the wind is only blowing when rangers have the ball, and the surface is only shite when we are running on it

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