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**** Rangers vs Hearts (Sun 1:30 KO) ****

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Yeah, a few of our fans slipped into a coma.

Wasn't this the day when we 'set the benchmark'.....when we done it for Sandy Jardine....... when we 'set the tone' for the season. When will we ever be 'up for it'. Demoralising, enbarrassing stuff.

Someone check the Hearts team sheet for a suspended player.

Aimless, disorganised, disjointed football. Apart from the Templeton shocker, we've created nothing. Same old stuff -

constantly give the ball away

can't pass to our own players

can't win a ball in the air

can't cross a ball

can't take a corner or free free

can't finish (on the rare occasion that we get a chance!)

Can't create anything worthwhile

can't change the game

Law is quite awful; defensively we're clueless; no midfield; strikers starved of service (AS USUAL). Simply not good enough - same old story. How long do we put up with this before heads roll!

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Listening on the radio and they've said all we seem to do is play it up the wings leaving Black and Law with nothing. Hearts summed this up pretty early on and we cannot pass it through the middle. :anguish:

Been this way throughout Mccoist's management . However, he will never change , it's just awful to watch. He really has to go, or I fear Ibrox will be sitting half empty soon, because you simply cannot ask people to pay good money to watch tactics from a manager who would be more at home at amateur level.

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