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"Kris Boyd is in the best shape of his life"


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Not discussing his service, but his physique. It's disgraceful for a professional footballer.

Boyd is not a worker, he is a goal scorer who waits on service. No manager has managed to change that and he doesn't need to be in excellent shape like Kenny Miller. If anyone expected his game to change this late on in his career they are a fool. We knew what we would be getting when we signed him and i for one didn't think he was needed.

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People claimed all last season

So were they lying or is it the Rangers regime again? Because i see a fat, lumbering bald guy.

He looks no different from last season and little different to his shape under McLeish, for all we like to blame McCoist and the management for anything we possibly can these days.

This is what you get with Kris Boyd.

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He's just back from ankle surgery, so is behind most members of the squad. He's also had virtually zero service in the last two games. He won the flick on to set-up our goal yesterday, and also 'scored' a cracker against Hibs only for it to be ruled out. He's no Ronaldo, but give him a chance and he'll take it 9 times out of 10. His work rate was also pretty good yesterday.

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Put the ball in front of Boyd in the box,9 out of 10 he will score.Unfortunately we seem incapable of doing that.Must be Chuck`s fault.

Actually, it's happened a good few times in the last 2 games and he's missed on each occasion.

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He's overweight and that is not good enough for us imo. We need our top players to set an example to our younger players. A fitter and faster Kris Boyd would be better than the one we have at the moment.

I do recall though watching premier league darts on telly and a commentator suggesting that Phil "the power" Taylor's poor form at that particular time was possibly down to him losing several stones in weight.Phils been world champion about 15 times so maybe I'm talking crap about Kris... Maybe!

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I remember somebody posted the video of Boyd's goals from last season and the number of them that came from McKenzie & Johnston, two direct, pacey players giving him service and creating space for him commiting defenders made perfect sense.

We don't have anybody who's as direct and pacey as either of them are and without that Boyd (and Miller) will struggle.

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