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I actually think I'm like a lot of fellow Bears.... Those that have stayed out of the Ally must go threads. The reason? It breaks my heart to see what our club has become -- and a true legend like Ally being vilified.

Take Ally's legendary player status out of this and of course... he would have been sacked already. So I don't even think it is up for debate as to his managerial skills. It's a failure.

We are at a point where we need to make a hard decision. Ally must go... but we need to do this in a respectful, dignified way. Ally means that much to us. But it seems that Ally doesn't realise his shortcomings and wants to fight on. I get that. But this is what we pay a CEO for. To make bad situations good.... To make the hard decisions.

When I said it breaks my heart... I mean that. But we (and Ally) need to do the right thing for The Rangers.

I feel for us -- the support. We were all brought up knowing that The Rangers were 'the' standard. Discipline, respect, winning, tradition, class. We're failing at the moment.


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dont post very much im on the fence at the moment with ally one game in and its started its been dissmal football for two seasons i personally didnt expect anymore no money to spend on players havin to troll the freebies who r not up to scratch imo i expect ally to take us back to the spfl then c what he does when he gets there ns

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