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the number 10


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what we lack in our side, and have done for a number of years is a proper number 10.a player who can put his foot on the ball and dictate the play from midfield.I realise all the good ones are probably snapped up and out of our budget but there is still the erimencos of the world albeit in the lower leagues in Europe who could do a job for us because until we can get this type of player I fear for our future...

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Macleod is our number 10.

Em no MacLeod's clearly a CM, No 10's are more attacking players in the mould of Ronaldinho, Diego, Rivaldo, Neymar, Gauld, De Boer, Shaqiri, Juninho, etc...

Dean Shiels is that type of player as people have said but it's just a shame he is permanently injured and not to mention shite.

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Am I the only one who finds thse threads about formations, shapes and styles of play utterly futile while we have such a useless bastard in charge?

Normally, I'd be happy to discuss these things but, to be honest, there is only one thing that comes to mind when I think about our team - we are paralysed until that fat parasite is given his jotters.

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Shiels has been hopeless, can't remember the last time he had a good game. Shouldn't get a new contract. I'd say about the last half a dozen games he's played you'd forget he was even on the pitch.

He has been very disappointing for us. I still think if we had built the team around him we could have got more out of him. His injury record has been abysmal.

I hope he doesn't get a new contract; his current one still has another couple of years on it!

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On the occasions when he looks like he actually does give two fucks, I think Law drops far, far too deep for the job in the team he is supposed to be doing. Perhaps someone with more talent can get away with it or maybe with a better quality of player around him, but he's just not got the talent to be able to carry the ball forward quickly enough to do that IMO.

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Shiels has been pretty shite for us tbh

He's had some good games but very inconsistent. Pretty much like Templeton. Both Dean and David have disappointed me over the last two seasons.

Let's hope they turn it up and help the Club they love back to where it belongs.

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