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After having a quick look at the Rangers staff (based on the Rangers website) theres a few things that concern me.

Steve Harvey - Tasked with being team analyst, allegedly this is the role in which he finds weaknesses in players and in the squad by reviewing performances. Based on the recent couple of years performances is Steve partially responsible for the teams poor performances and individuals who are not progressing? Surely such a role at Rangers is pivotal and should be monitored closely. Failure in players to up their game and improve at this level could be down to his failures to understand the players weakest points and strongest points in order to develop them properly.

Ian Durrant - Nothing on the site in regards of his coaching level. But if we ever needed a guy on the sidelines to watch the game with his arms folded we are sorted.

No sports scientist? Most developing clubs have this. Ensuring the players are correctly eating, correct weight and better understanding of injuries and potential implications of not having this causes our players to gain weight, lead an erratic lifestyle. Although Paul Jackson has been involved with Rangers he is not full time and runs a practice as his main business.

No scout? An obvious one, if we cant get the best kids in Glasgow what chance do we have of getting the best ones in Scotland.

The site has listed nine (9) members of background staff, this includes a kit man and a coaching assistant to setup drills. Ally is severely hindered by this but is this his choice to work alone? Also we have no foreign coaches, this has been proven in recent years to be successful bringing in coaches from abroad. They offer new methods and tend to adopt a more professional and strict attitude to training.

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Ah ok, wonder why its not listed there though?

Not sure why mate, I would guess it's just the website hasn't been updated

There's also Gary sheriff as the strength and conditioning coach and another guy called Jamie ramsden who's the reserves/academy sports scientist

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The Sports Scientist is a big thing. There have been times when i have been able to pinpoint possible injury chances with players, and also saw them bring players back too early, Temps with his hamstring for one, however with a the correct person, he could have been ready sooner. Although again, with the correct person, he would never have picked that up anyway!

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I think in Wallaces statement at the end of the season he mentioned how important it was to address the backroom staff issue. Also the scouting team (or lack of it).

With a box of coupons probably.

Feel sorry for Wallace in some ways. Clearly has the know how but is being denied the tools and resources needed.

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