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Warming up under the main stand

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Watched an Old Firm documentary named "Into The Fire" from 1986; good documentary which filled in some gaps for this exiled bluenose. I was intrigued to see Old Firm players warming up under what appeared to be the main stand. Lots of space for sprints, ball work, keepie uppy etc. Just when you think you know about your club ..............

Very honest coverage of the beginning of the Souness era. Recommended for armchair historians like myself.

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I remember both the training area and the documentary, voiced by Bill Paterson, as I recall. It also featured Private Investigations by Dire Straits.

The first time I saw Butcher was him warming up there before the pre-season friendly against Bayern Munich in '86.

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Me & a mate wandered into the training bit of the main stand back in the 80's as we were early for a game and the side gate was open. Big DJ was there alone Practising passes against the far end wall which had targets painted on it. He told us if the gaffer catches us here he'll not be happy we made a quick exit

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Remember kicking a ball about in the training area under the main stand when I was lucky

Enough to work there back in the early 80s

It was big Dj and another player practicing shots

Into the painted targets on the back wall. me and

Another apprentice watched as they were going

Through their routine and was invited to kick the ball about with them.also while varnishing the main doors at the front met all my heroes everyday as they went out and came back from training at the Albion it was a dream come true for a young rangers mad boy. If only we still had the target practice today we sure as hell need it.

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They used to mainly blooter the ball about from what I remember

Did they,aye?

Pre-match warm ups were done on a red ash surface which was like concrete. The targets were used to get "your eye in", and the keepers used to do handling exercises, because you wouldn't make the game if you went down to a shot!!!

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I Used to train under there when i was with the gers . Youth used it when old albion was ruled out. Couldnt do much except shuttles warm up and games of tennis football. When i was there it was a ash type surface i am sure. That would have been around 86/87 season.

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