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Hately the New Director of Football?


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This has to be mince.

We don't have the money for this, there is no conceivable point to this and it would be like putting a plaster on a shotgun wound.

Fans want rid of Allys old boys club, not a canvas for new members.

It would indicate the board are very out of touch if, and I say if, there was any truth to it.

Hateley is surely just a guest.

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Has he even coached, managed or scouted since he retired?

Wasn't aware he had held any football type role with a club since he stopped playing.

Wouldn't be surprised in the current climate though

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It may sound good in theory, but that's only because of the pish that we're producing at the moment. Sounds more like an old pals act to me rather than a decent footballing decision. Or a decision that would produce decent football.

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Got to be nonsense!

What the credentials? Experience for the job? Previous experience for youth development and signing policy? Does he have coaching qualifications?

I give up if true. Every other big team what's the above but for us now the board/ally demand nothing.

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