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Last week's attendance figure!


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This was given at just under 44,000, but watching the game on the streams it seemed to be full. I know that the club deck wasn't full, and had plenty empty seats, but every other stand seemed pretty much sold out. So was there really between 6-7 thousand empty seats there?

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No chance i looked all around the stadium and it was packed, the only pace that had empty seats was the CD and i'd say that was 3/4 full i stick by 47k easily for the attendance.

The club deck was not 3/4 full. It was more like 2/3 empty, going by the availability of tickets on t'internet at kick-off.

I'd have said 45000.

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It looked pretty full to me apart from the end towards the Broomloan which looked pretty empty.

Nah mate. My Mrs maw was up there and said it was very quiet. As I say, they still had availability up after the match and it showed huge availability. Only the middle section on t'internet was well populated.

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it was pretty much full. i only seen empty seats away in the far corners of the bill struth stand. and away up in the club deck. but it's kinda hard to see because of the angle/light/shadows.

was a pretty respectable crowd. definitely not sell out though.

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When you consider there was a piece in the programme saying that when Gazza done his stuff to win the 8iar against the sheep attendance was 47, 250 , If you had asked me back then I would have sworn it was a full house, when you see that it makes you appreciate the effort that our fans have put into attending the lower leagues :thumbup:

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