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The RM Sponsors’ Fund Rangers Lotto Group

Total RDF Lotto Funds Raised to date: £640

Current Members:
  • RM Sponsors’ Fund (4 tickets)
  • As I Was Walking….
  • Courtyard Bear
  • cstamomusa
  • govanblue
  • Offshoreworker
  • quinty
  • RFC Eagle
  • SoldierBlue1
  • SW3
  • thistleman

Sponsors’ Fund’s Lotto Numbers
  • 27, 37, 41, 47
  • 10, 13, 16, 34
  • 02, 12, 35, 37
  • 10, 13, 20, 35

(these are the same every week)

Rangers Lotto Weekly Winners Bulletins:


If you would like to support Rangers Youth Development, support the RM Sponsors’ Fund, maybe have a wee bit of fun, and have the chance of winning a few thousand pounds every week, then read on.

After discussions with Rangers Development Fund, we have agreed that the Rangers Lotto is one of the best ways for the Fund to support RDF. It's also one of the potentially most rewarding. So we’ve set up a Rangers Lotto Group to give our members the chance to support this great cause easily.

The Fund has bought itself 2 Lotto tickets for the next 52 weeks (£104) and has so far convinced 4 Fund Members to buy one ticket each for 52 weeks.

RDF think this is a great idea, and so do we. So now we’re hopeful that we can persuade other Fund Members to join in.

By joining the RM Rangers Lotto Group, you will:
  • Help RDF directly in their preferred way
  • Increase the overall total raised by Sponsors’ Fund Members
  • Possibly have a wee bit of fun
  • Maybe win a few thousand pounds (Jackpot is up to £5k in the Saturday draws, £1k in the Wednesday draws and the monthly rollover draw is currently at £11.5k!)

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in taking part, or even just trying it for a week or two, there are several options:

1: Join us as a Full Annual Member. Cost: £1 for each week of the Lotto Year remaining (we’re in week 3 now, so there are 49 weeks remaining, so that would be £49. Next week it would be £48 etc.

2: Join us as a Quarterly member. Cost: £13 for 13 weeks membership. (we will then contact you at the end of your quarter to see if you want to continue)

3:Join us on an ad-hoc basis: Cost: Simply Make a donation of any amount you want to the Lotto Group and we will buy weekly tickets for you for that amount. Eg: donate £6 and you will be entered in the Lotto draws for the next 6 weeks

4: Support the Rangers Lotto independently. You can either sign up directly for a £1 a week Direct Debit here: http://www.rangerslo....uk/?page_id=43 Or you can simply buy some tickets online right now…

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to PM me or post here. (tu)

And here's hoping I can notify you of our first winner soon :thumbup:


Small print:

The cost is £1 a week if paid cash for as many weeks as you want to play it. If you pay via RM’s PayPal, they charge us 6% - so the cost would need to be £1.07 a week to cover that. You can avoids that fee by meeting at Ibrox on matchday if possible.

This is not a syndicate. No prizes will be shared. Each member has their own individual Lotto ticket numbers for the year and any prize won by their ticket is theirs to keep. Any prize won by The Sponsors’ Fund’s 2 tickets belong to the Fund, and the Fund Members will decide what to do with it.

I also have one ticket in my own name, and anything won by that ticket will be my prize, just like any other Lotto Group member. So FYI, my personal Lotto numbers are: 10,31,33,39. The other members’ numbers are private.

I’m acting as the Agent for this Group, but I can confirm that all sales commissions earned from the Group along with any Agent’s prizes won will be passed on in full to the Fund. I’m not sure how much the Agent’s sales commission actually is. It’s a few percent I think. I’ll let you know when I find out.)

Rangers Lotto



For only £1 a week the Rangers Lotto enters you into not 1 but 3 draws! That’s 3 chances to win some cash with the Rangers Lotto!

With a Saturday Jackpot of anything up to £5,000 your £1 is well worth the money but if that wasn’t enough we’ll also enter you into our bonus Wednesday draw which has a guaranteed £1,000 jackpot!

But here at the Rangers Lotto we still don’t think that’s enough and that’s why your £1 also enters you into the big draw! Our monthly rollover draw can reach anything up to £25,000!

All profits support Rangers Youth teams so your £1 really does go a long way…..

So sign up now if you fancy being in with a chance of scooping some serious cash with the Rangers Lotto?

How do I win with Rangers Lotto?

Saturday Draw: If your 4 numbers match the first 4 drawn in the National Lottery then you have won the Jackpot, which is currently anything up to £5,000. If the Jackpot is not won outright then 3 numbers plus the bonus ball wins. If no Jackpot combination is won 3 numbers share the jackpot!

Wednesday Draw: If your 4 numbers match any of the first 5 drawn in the National Lottery then you have won the Jackpot of £1,000.

Monthly Rollover Draw: If your 4 numbers match the 4 numbers randomly generated from the Rangers Lotto system then you win the rollover amount for that month.

How do I claim my prize?

You don’t need to do anything! We’ll have collected your address details when you buy your Lotto ticket so we’ll send your winning cheque out to you within 10 days of your winning numbers coming up!
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
You must be over 16 to play Rangers Lotto.
All profits from Rangers Lotto support our Youth Teams and I hope you agree this is a worthwhile cause.
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Welcome to our two new Lotto Group members:

  • Offshoreworker
  • RFC Eagle

week 4 starts on Wednesday - Fingers crossed for all RM Rangers Lotto Group members - and the Fund! (tu)

The RM Rangers Lotto Group costs only £1 a week, and you can sign up for as many (or as few) weeks as you like. Any prizes won by your ticket are yours to keep. PM me if you're interested.

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  • 1 month later...

Since the Fund won £100 on the Rising Stars Draw last week, we have decided to spend most of it it on another two £1-a-week Lotto Annual subscriptions. (there are 42 weeks left in the Lotto year, so that will be £84, and we'll spend the rest on Rangers Scratchcards).

So the Fund will now have 4 tickets each week.

If any member wants to join the RM Lotto Group, it's £1 a week for as many weeks as you want to play it, and there are lots of ways to pay, whichever method suits you. Any prize won by your ticket is yours to keep.

By joining the RM Lotto Group you will:

1. Directly Support Rangers Youth Development in the most profitable way possible for them.

2. Support RangersMedia Sponsors' Fund in supporting RDF

4. Get something back for your Fund donation - a real £1 Lotto ticket for every £1 donated

4. Have 2 chances a week (Wed & Sat) to win a Lotto prize, plus an entry in the monthly rollover draw

5. Not need to do anything else - RDF will check your numbers for you and notify you of your winnings.

If you want to take part, please PM me. (tu)

Alternatively, you can sign up directly with Rangers if you prefer...


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And welcome to our newest Lotto Group member - cstamomusa

cstamomusa has a very good track record of winning stuff with the Sponsors' Fund, so let's hope she brings some of that luck to our Lotto Group. (tu)

Total Funds raised for Rangers Lotto: £414

You can join too. Just PM me.

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We're now moving in to week 11 of the Lotto Year. No winners yet, but fingers crossed. (tu)

Using the winnings from our Rising Stars, we've now bought another 2 tickets for the Fund. Cost - £42 each (there are 42 weeks left in the Lotto Year)

This brings our total Rangers Lotto Funds raised to £498 (tu)

And between the Fund and the individual Group members, we currently play 11 tickets each week. (tu)

If you would like to join the RM Rangers Lotto Group, it's £1 a week for as long as you want.

Remember that by joining the RM Rangers Lotto Group, you are contributing directly to funds raised by the Sponsors' Fund, just like any other donation, and the money supports RDF directly, just like any other donation - but unlike an ordinary donation, you get something back for this one - a £1 lotto ticket for every £1 donated, and the chance to win big cash prizes. (tu)

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From another thread, but relevant here...

how about splitting any prizes we win between a couple of charities or maybe having a charity of the month and they get all the winnings or something along that line


We currently have 4 Fund tickets, and 8 individual members.

What we do with any prize won by the 4 Fund-paid tickets will be for all the Sponsors' Fund Members to decide. So if we win anything, we will have a specific discussion thread for it, then a vote if required.

Any prize won by an individual Lotto member is theirs to do whatever they like with. The member has already done their good deed by giving that money to the Rangers Lotto (and RDF are loving our contributions btw!) and the incentive for joining is that they can win a prize.

I would expect that anyone winning big in our Lotto Group would want to give a donation to the Sponsors' Fund, which is fine, but we would not want that winner to be over-generous towards us.

Oh and btw - if an individual member (or the Fund itself) wins the jackpot, the Fund also wins £1000 as the Agent. (tu)

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I've just been reading the Lotto Agents Newsletter, and I came across this bit...

We have been surprised and pleased by the number of fans who are signing up to multiple weekly entries. We also have some fans paying for 52 weeks in advance which is a fantastic show of faith and loyalty

So RM Rangers Lotto Group Current Members, give yourselves a big pat on the back - and if anyone ever questions your fantastic faith or loyalty, just point them here. (and then get a donation off them! :P )

And when one of us wins the £17,000 Monthly Rollover, well that will just be the icing on the cake. :thumbup:


Any other Sponsors' Fund Members wishing to give a similarly fantastic show of faith and loyalty, and have the chance to win some Big Prizes you're welcome to join in. (tu)

We're just starting week 17 of the Lotto Year now, so you could subscribe for the remainder of the Lotto year for just £35, or you can chuck in say a fiver, and play it for the next 5 weeks - and maybe get your Christmas sorted. (tu)

The RM Rangers Lotto and Fantastic Show Of Faith And Loyalty Group
  • As I Was Walking….
  • Courtyard Bear
  • cstamomusa
  • govanblue
  • Offshoreworker
  • quinty
  • RFC Eagle
  • SoldierBlue1
  • SW3
  • thistleman
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  • 3 months later...

Greetings all.

It's been a while since we mentioned the RM Rangers Lotto Group, so many of you will have no idea what it is. Hopefully upon reading the thread, you'll think it's something you'd gladly chuck a couple of quid towards. (tu)

Anyway, another Smart Bear has now signed up. (tu)

For only £22, he will now have a £1 entry in 2 weekly draws, and 5 monthly draws, for the next 22 weeks (which is the remainder of the Lotto Year)

Now he can just sit back and await his winnings cheque! :21:

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And with two existing members now extending their numbers for the remainder of the lotto year, that takes our Lotto Group's total contribution to Rangers Development Fund to:


If you would like to support Rangers Youth Teams, then why not sign up to our Rangers Lotto Group.

It costs £1 a week, and you can join for as few weeks or as many weeks as you want.

Oh, and it's not a syndicate - if your numbers come up, you get to keep your prize all to yourself, (but the Fund would probably hope for a wee bung though!)

(But the Fund itself does also have 4 numbers each week, so if the Fund's numbers come up, then the Fund is quids in, and it might give you a wee bung!)

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It's also worth pointing out that the current 10 members of the RM Rangers Lotto Group did not join because they're interested in the Lotto or because they're mad scratchcard junkies or anything like that.

They joined because they wanted to support Rangers Youth, and because they trusted me when I told them that the most effective way to get money to the Rangers Youths is through the Rangers Lotto.

These Are The People that RDF are specifically referring to here...

We have been surprised and pleased by the number of fans who are signing up to multiple weekly entries. We also have some fans paying for 52 weeks in advance which is a fantastic show of faith and loyalty

If you want to be one of those kind of People, just PM me. (tu)

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  • 3 months later...

I received a cheque today from Rangers Lotteries. (tu)

Sadly, we still haven't won a jackpot, it was just my Agent's Commission cheque for the year - £69.59)

I was going to blow most of it on coke and hookers as usual, but that's getting boring.

So instead, we'll just buy an extra line (£52) next Season. We'll also renew our existing 4 lines (£208), so that will be £260 from the Sponsors' Fund, giving us 5 lines in play every Wednesday and Saturday for the next 52 weeks (starting August).

Anybody who wants to join us in next Season's RM Rangers Lotto Group (£1 per week, starts August) just PM me.

Also, I see that RangersFirst and Rangers Supporters' Trust have both now put their weight behind Rangers Lotto, which is excellent news. I imagine their commission cheques will be somewhat larger than mine! (tu)

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