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Whats the point in RTV


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You're lucky to only have a bus trip and you're there.

RTV is well worth the money for Replays at Midnight followed with Highlights and match reaction.

I do this as often as I can its a 24 hour round trip journey but worth it,

how do I fake my IP address?

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400 miles away ? fs Liverpool is 220 miles max from Ibrox, cut the bullshit.

Who'd have thought it - someone in Liverpool claiming something they weren't entitled to..........


(Maybe he meant the round trip?)

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from ibrox to london it's 400 miles drive and it would take about 6 and a half hours. so you can get from pretty much anywhere in the UK to ibrox in reasonable time. 12/13 hour there and back. that's not bad.

rangers tv is designed for people living outside the uk. if you had read what it says on the website before buying you'd have known this and therefore not being disappointed with the service. rangers tv is used by lots of people across the world. that's the point in it.

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Its a fiver...

Lets you watch all the games / highlights sooner than the BBC get their highlights up, money goes to club usually good watching and there is a massive backlog of previous games

all for a fiver. . .

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