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can it really be?


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That there's two broxi bears? :(

Just seen he's at a fun day at goals in the drum tomorrow between 1 and half 1 for a photo shoot. But I thought broxi was at ibrox early these days for the family stand?

I hope someone can confirm there's only one broxi or this will be like finding out Santa isnae real :(

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Never mind two Broxi's, where the fuck is Roxi and Boris that's what I want to know?!?!

Only when they return will the club be whole again.

it was a messy divorce , and boris turned into a teenage tearaway who is now in bar-l after setting aboot hoopy the hound whilst on a class A drug fuelled binge.

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it was a messy divorce

The enquiry and incarceration following their murder of that a little blond bitch who broke into their house, nicked their porridge and then passed out drunk and drugged in their beds really put a strain in their relationship. You could see they weren't going to last when they had the picnic in the woods, they spent the afternoon fighting. It sure was a big surprise to all that went down to the woods that day.

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