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***The Official Ryder Cup 2014 thread***

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I reckon you need to pick Poulter for the morning. He's too arrogant a player to let bad form worry him, I think in his mind he's a certain win. The only thing that would dent that confidence is the thought that the captain didn't share it.

His experience alongside Gallagher should give Europe a good chance.

yup, tournaments like this need a bit or swagger and arrogance, and poulter has enough to share with the whole team, putting him with a rookie thats flying high the now could be a partnership that feels invincible and therefore doesnt think about their form etc

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I've backed Sergio as top European scorer @ 6/1...he's on some decent form and with Rory in the morning should hopefully get off to a decent start.

garcia doesnt really play well in the ryder cup though, never has a massively poor one either, just seems to be middle of the road, still but, decent odds (tu)

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I gather Bradley has outed himself as a Tim, down to a friendship with Dirty Desmond.

I think the McIlroy/Garcia partnership has the capacity to produce some really spectacular stuff or unravel in a way that we don't really want to see!

Let's hope it's the former!

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