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The big news from last weekend is that 'Stevie' survived another week despite another threadbare performance highlighting his lack of star quality. He's obviously not got what it takes.

But how much longer will he last?

A cheekie chappie with a glint in his eye and a quick one liner here and there. He's everyone's mate but no more talented than lot of people out there.

So how did he get this far?

Well the early rounds are easy, up against pub performers and novelty acts. A bit of charm and lunch with his boss, praising each other in public, showing solidarity. And why not? What did his boss have to lose?

The public love Stevie his fans tune in, others tune in because.... well they have for years and they always will. And, after all - he might even improve along the way to the finals and become a real contender.

Sadly though, he hasn't improved and as the ‘also rans’ have fallen by the wayside his lack of talent and improvement have been more exposed. There have been some shaky moments for him over the last few weeks but the smile and the wisecracks and his blindly loyal followers have kept him hanging on in there.

But as we are getting closer to the business end of the competition and the last few serious contenders fight for the prize even his supporters have started to see his shortcomings and his boss is surely now losing patience.

So with Saturday's big test looming nothing other than a good performance and a good result will save him from the exit. Or will it..............................

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