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Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

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man that fucking broke my heart seeing him fall at kick off. i have to admit i'm not too aware of MND and how it affects you. can't imagine what he's going through and wish him all the best.

hope that he is enjoying his time back ibrox today and we're all here supporting him!

I cannot think of a worse disease to have. Absolutely appalling way for a man to die.

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A lovely occasion. Well done for supporting one of our own, Bears, and to all of the players out there who can all count themselves as Bears for life too. Great to see those old stars. Klos. Jeeso. He

amazing crowd. shame we couldn't win but hey...that's not what really matters. it was a good game where players and fans came together to show support for fernando. was heart breaking to see fernando

So emotional. Hope he can make a trip to see us back where we belong.

That should be shown to all the inposters wearing our shirt, if that doesn't motivate them for Sunday and beyond then theyre a disgrace. Sadly, it won't motivate them in the slightest as all are impersonating footballers.

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great occasion the passion Gattusso showsto win the ball outweighs our entire team. Also Ferguson was raging at losing a goal (Konterman at fault) that he booted the ball back towards him.

Also shed a few tears as Rickson was carried around pitch at end especially when his speech was read out -started with back with my fellow bluenoses

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How can you end up with that disease what triggers it

No one knows what triggers this disease, there is thought that there is some genetic part to it, but they have not isolated the gene. It starts to get critical once the intercostal (muscles between your ribs) start to deteriorate so that they cannot assist in breathing, we often then put these patients on a BiPAP device to assist with breathing at night so to not over tax the muscles used in breathing, make no mistake this disease is horrible The bravest of the brave is our Fernando so soldier on man and NO SURRENDER EVER.

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