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*****the Official Alloa V Rangers Thread*****

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I'd say it's been proven beyond doubt we won't win each week playing as we do though, certainly not in a league like this that has a few full time teams in it anyway. Of course I could end up looking

That's like saying a sad wank is the same as pumping a beautiful woman, after all the end result is just the same.

A new manager in would have to weigh up the squad. McDowall knows the squad, so should easily be able to make changes. But I can't get past the basic fact of repeatedly playing underperformers does no

Might not go ahead with the weather.

Is it sad that id rather the game was cancelled as we'd have a better chance next time we play them in the rearranged game? My rationale is if the takeover goes through then we should have a new manager in place!

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I've watched Alloa a few times this year, and from what I've seen their league position doesn't do them justice. They are a well organised side under Barry Smith, and most of the players give 100% which is more than can be said for a lot of the Rangers team. They held their own, and were unlucky not to get anything when they players Hearts at Recreation park (Hearts scored a lucky goal from a free kick) and they beat Hibs in the first game there too.

Watched them against Falkirk on Saturday and they played a lot on the break, and the result would have been different if they had taken the chances they created.

I'll be there again tomorrow and will be hopeful it will be 4th time lucky for Rangers.

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I sincerely hope that the more optimistic posters are right......but I doubt it. I don't see any evidence of 'fight and passion', and our record against Alloa is abysmal!

My heart says a win (of any sort!), but my head says another horror story.

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