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You Are The Embarrassment


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You must have been at a different match from me as that's been the best atmosphere for years.

The protest at the start, the fans all coming together in the stadium and the abuse of the hertz fannies at the end. Oh and the subway bouncing on the way back to the town.

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This post is directed at those who shamed our club tonight after the game was abandoned.

I am only just in the house and have absolutely no interest in reading other threads so if something of this nature has already been posted then merge it.

I have read many topics posted in the Bears Den relating to "Rangers Class", "The Rangers Way" and "The Rangers Etiquette". These focused on a lot of things but mainly the repugnance of Ally choosing a tracksuit over a formal suit whilst in the dugout and the players social life.

Quite frankly, I think we should worry more about the mental state of our support, rather than what sauce Kyle Hutton had on his Nando's last weekend.

Tempers were obviously running high tonight for several reasons, even more so after the game was abandoned. But for God sake, seeing grown adults trying to portray the Govan hard man, pushing the plastic sheet divider in a way as though it was holding them back, and if it wasnt for that flimsy piece of tarpaulin then they would have had no hesitation in attacking the Hearts fans is cringe-worthy. There wasn't a Heart's fan near them in the Broomloan stand.

And it didn't stop there. As soon as I left the Sandy Jardine stand exit at the Rangers Ticket Centre, I seen two young lads, pissed out their delinquent brains, shouting "Where the fuck is that Hearts cunt". They joined in the other group of knuckle-dragging braindead's in singing songs and throwing ketchup from the Burger van towards the group of around dozen Hearts fans, women and children in the mix.

If your rational response to an opposition fan giving you the finger is to rush a barrier (which you know you are not even going to attempt to cross, because if you had any real conviction the 16 year old G4S schoolgirl would be a barrier to you), and signal that you are you to cause GBH to them outside, then you need your fucking head examined.

Why it is still a surprise to some of you that the media focus on our fans as hooligans is beyond me...just look at the state of this section of our support.

I am utterly disgusted. Talk about "Rangers Class, Etiquette and Tradition", look back at photos from the bygone days of yore, when our support would turn up and support the team in their best Saturday bunnet...not rush the toilets looking for a bog roll to toss at the away support.

YOU are the embarrassment. YOU are Scotland's Shame. Call yourself "Rangers Men"... don't make me laugh.

You should post that on Kerrydale st or maybe you have already.............fucking eejit

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We have been poked and prodded for years now

Now we fight back

So fuck you and your thread

You play with matches you get burnt

Hearts were tought a lesson tonight, we won't stand for any pish anymore

There was no fight there, it was empty threats.

Those fans should stick to playing with Lego then if that was how you teach someone a lesson....

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Shitebag attitude, the kind of attitude that has us where we are! No up for the fight am sure you could follow some other team.

Up for the fight...there was no fucking fight, it was a pushing "you better hold me back" acting fight against some Hearts fans after a game.

The real fight is with the board.

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The problem with you and the rest of the wee poofs we have amongot our fanbase now is you are all too quick to stuck the boot in to a club you claim to love all in the name of a few likes on facebook portraying yourself as a fucking moral high ground cunt. Who needs enemies when we have 'fans' like you chomping to stick our own in at every opportunity. You are a fucking scum cunt, I'm glad there is none of you're ilk associated with our proud RSC, you wouldn't last 1 fucking trip on our bus you scab bastard.

Don't hold back Skeef :lol:
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