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***the Official Rangers V Pacific Shelf Thread***

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If anyone can produce a moment of magic in a big game it's Templeton. Strange that he'd be on the bench. Clark's a good player and I'm sure he'd love a chance to play in an Old Firm game. I hope both of these guys aren't sitting on the bench for too long.

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A message for the tarriers. 54 titles vs 45 titles, we're still Rangers. 55% vs 45%, you're still British.

We've won the singing

Because we're Rangers fans and loyal to the end, and/or masochists. In the past few years being the former has involved learning to be the latter.

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Never even heard of half of the tramps team, nobodies.... and thats the way the team should be looking at this. Nowt to be scared of. A terrorist lover, a lego eater and a team full of nothings with all the pressure on them.
Hopefully Law playing further forward will do them.

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