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Simonsen And Our Defence

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Out of the squad today - I'm giving my opinion on them overall, not on today.

Simonsen - Way past it, should be dumped at the end of the season. Cammy Bell will get the goalie place back.

Foster - Not convinced by him. He can look OK at times but I don't like his defending much.

McGregor - He hasn't done enough to convince me had could be a Rangers player in the Premiership, assuming we'll make it back.

McCulloch - He is done. He might merit some coaching role or something but he is done as a player.

Wallace - The only really top end Premiership player we have.

Black - If we fail to go up or we're struggling to build a Premiership side, then I'd keep him but I could see him being on the bench or sold if we have funding next year in the Premiership.

Aird - The boy has potential and may be better without so much pressure on him and better players around him would help him develop.

Daly - I haven't seen anything to really convince me on the guy. Mildly effective big guy but not the kind of guy we need up front.

Law - Another I'd keep. He would probably be a good performer in a good Premiership side.

Hutton - I'm not 100% sure about him. 50/50 between fringe and sold.

Smith - Little flashes but no consistancy.

Miller - Burnt out. He is played too deep but he doesn't have the pace and Miller without pace is useless sadly.

Clark - He has a bit of pace but has lost the goalscoring touch. Maybe some hope with better players around him.

Templeton - Hasn't played enough and hasn't delivered when he has. If he doesn't show anything else this season, he should go. Again, some hope a better Rangers team would lift him in terms of play and training.

Boyd - Are you sure we didn't resign Kevin Kyle? He has been off the pace constantly this season. About as sharp as a rubber butter knife.

Faure - Wow, he's FRENCH. He has got to be good... NOPE. Can't see him being retained unless we're short of numbers.

Shiels - Another guy who should have been doing OK but isn't. Like Templeton, he might fit in better in a stronger side.

Robinson - I remember this guy making a horrible mistake in a game but I can't really judge him as he is third choice.


Moshni - Slack defending and a lack of physicality for a huge guy. Looks imposing but plays like an ex-Southend player. Should only be kept if they can't get a replacement.

Bell - Decent goalie. Might get pushed to second choice if money is available.

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First half the defence was awful, 2nd half they got their act together and never conceded

You think?

We didn't concede in the second half only because the dhims lack any instinct to dominate. It's just not in their DNA. They backed off entirely.

We were still making all the same mistakes, leaving all the same gaps. An utter shambles.

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Foster is the worst right back i think we've ever had.

McCulloch is done as is Miller,Boyd and Simonson.

Law was a very good player then Ally got a hold of him,as was Temps and Shiels..we've ruined players of the year at Rangers.WHY IS THAT???.

Black is pish as is Hutton..Smith is rank and McGregor average.

Daly works hard but is always left isolated and Clark has potential if played and if coached by good coaches.

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Simonsen was horrific last season hence we had let him go at the end of the season, he was looking for another club and thanking the Rangers fans then hey presto McCoist brings him back, Foster is never a footballer in his life, McCulloch is finished and should never be playing at CH, McGregor was out his depth yesterday maybe with a good quality CH beside him things might have been different, Wallace seems to have lost confidence his head wasn't on the game yesterday he also looked very unfit. We need a complete overhaul at the club im afraid.

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