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Another Season In The Championship

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Even if we make the playoffs i reckon we would be 3rd favs behind 11th place spl team and hibs.

I certainly wouldnt bet on us going through.

There is zero fight or organisation in our team. Mcdowell doesnt want to be there, the players arent confident without a leader in charge.

We are piss poor and we have another tough two games in the following weeks which i cant see us taking points from

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McCoist brought in dead wood, dropped the kids, made us tactically inept and Kenny M is simply carrying the torch.

The rot has been there; now we're being shown up against the full-time teams.

Many saw this coming and the clusterfuck has came to fruition.

We'll be lucky to get out this league.

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It is plainly evident that this squad led by the current manager and coached by the current coaches simply do not have what it takes to win important games and therefore to win a promotion spot. This must surely be evident to the Board and those who aspire to form the Board after the EGM. So what's it to be - sort out the Board then plan for next season or sort out the Board and find a manager / coaches that can turn a bunch of losers who do not have enough pride in the jersey into a team that grabs play off games by the scruff of the neck, takes its scoring chances, and defends like men possessed to prevent goals from being scored against us ie matchwinners?

What's it to be eh? A roll of the dice in the play offs or fuck the season and plan for next with lower crowds at Ibrox and massive cost cutting to cut away the expensive failures and a season or two invested in home grown youngsters? Its coming down to make your mind up time for the Board - whatever Board - as games are ticking away and we can't find any wins and we just keep getting worse. Can it get worse? Sure it can. Can it be recovered - not without an urgent change of manager and urgent change of attitude by the squad.

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Am sick of the whole fuckin thing. Surely to God someone can put some money in during the summer to assemble a better team than this. Am fed up to the back teeth of the lot of them. And I'm putting zero faith in the youth we have. None of them look that good to me. It's all just false hope, when what is needed is a COMPLETE clear out.

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The club needs a manager.

A good one. And quickly.

Nail on head. Promotion is still a good possibility especially if these Newcastle boys get (and stay fit) a decent manager can lift everything.

Momentum is key. Get our act together and we can enter the play offs in confidence.

However, I'm only for going up if at least 10-15m is going to be invested in the squad.

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We need rid of McDowell and Durrant whether whole lot of this coaching mob.

The trainers and coaching system is brutal and non existent.

So that needs fixing prior to players.

We have to get rid of all of McCoists signings they are terrible every one of them.

Leave no trace of McCoists mess.

That my friend - hit the ICING ON THE CAKE - a club legend like greig- our crime rangers men favioritsm = we need a

dutch dick advocatt transformed our club and took us on as a force

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