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Another Season In The Championship

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Owe need a new coach in to have any chance of going up even it's only till the end of the season Nothing about the existing coaching team makes me think they have enough to get us up. For a permanent manager / coach it's got to be someone with modern ideas and works the players hard.

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Aye we are struggling but i believe it cant get any worse than now and i am optimistic we will get through the play offs, sad as it is i enjoyed last night at Ibrox a saw a glimmer a hope their in the players and am going for us to step up a little and get a few good performances before gubbin some cunt in the playoffs, what we do in the summer.... who knows

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I think we need a new manager to have any realistic chance. Without one I fear we will be stuck in the Championship for another season.

With a new manager and good performances from the N.U. guys when fit we will be in with a good chance.

I don't think there will be change until after the EGM next month so the manager will have to hit the ground running to get the team in shape for the playoffs.

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Right guys a new Coaching manager is required desperately.

We need some one who can coach and take players who can improve like youngsters with good skill technique ans Football control then we can work on the phys side with a trainer who takes players to higher levels.

I'm sorry if all the alerted Rangers Men get in but they don't have the skill or ideas to take players upwards to higher levels.

We require foreign coaches who can improve our youth ans players who remain from this lot, which won't be many.

Anyway our ideology of football must change instead of punting up and giving the ball away we must play passes and keep the ball on the deck.

We need pace and skill players who can take free kicks and long shots and who cam control the ball at their feet.

Just like our old boys like Coop, Baxter, Doddy, WJ, Tommy McLean and lots of others who were legends and took our Club to the top.

It needs to change from a pump up high baw to the heed.

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Sack the board, Sack the board.

Now close your eyes, click your heels three times and suddenly you are home at Ibrox.

The board have gone and overnight Kenny McDowall has become a coaching sensation. Simmo is the new Yashin. Foster ok he's still the same magic has limitations. Our midfield can actually pass to each other and Boyd has lost 5 stone and is scoring prolifically.

I'm sure you get the point. Our problems on the park need sorted immediately and unless that happens we will continue to drop points, the fan numbers will continue to decrease and the financial mess will worsen.

I see an option being our wealthy Rangers men paying off McCoist and McDowall, bring in a new coach and just possibly gain promotion via the playoffs.

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I always had the feeling that McCoist left because he realised early on he had fukked it up with that bunch of chancers and cowboys he bought.

He realized early??? We realized THREE YEARS AGO!!! Many including myself kept hoping it would get better, it didn't!! Numerous boards witnessed his competencies but refused to act and because of McCoist's inadequacies and boardroom duplicity we are in a sorry mess.

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So what if we dont get promotion what are we as fans going to do that is the question.I like my mates will still go regardless but thats our choice but whats the rest going to do.What if DK does get in or doesnt what are the fans going to do.Love to hear so many fans say that someone but not them should pump in their millions to buy a team so we can get back to the SPL.This spend spend spend shit is what has got the club in this shit in the first place.All of us revelled in the WS years,plenty to spend didnt give a fuck where it came from as long as it wasnt asked of us.Who cared what SDM and the rest were doing behind the scenes not us as long as were winning.We became lazy in every department,scouting,training,development,future planning the whole lot.Our future plans were spend spend spend buy our way out of trouble.Well look where its got us now a succession of chancers in every department on and off the park.The sooner we realise that spending millions is not the answer and that we have to live within the budgets that Scottish football provide the better.Whatever board comes out at the end of the day it will be a long hard fight back to the top thats for sure.The fans are going to have to play their part and follow the team they claim to love but 11,000 turn up for a home game.Whatever their reason for not going is and thats their choice are you trying to tell me that if by some miracle we had got through against RR in the Scottish Cup that 11,000 RANGERS FANS would have turned up for a home tie in the Scottish Cup against the vermon from the east end "really".We can blame who we want this board that board these players that management but some so called RANGERS FANS have to take a long hard look at themseles as well and ask themselves how much of a Rangers fan they really are or are they just their when their team is winning.

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