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After Aberdeen's win - just THINK!


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If we were to get beaten by Celtic we are three behind the sheep with two away games in sheep territory coming up!


Solution - We must go on our own WINNING streak!


Yeah! bad result for us today,if we can't beat the mhanks tomorrow. :(

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Win WIn Win

that is easy? :ph43r:

somebody please reset my post count, avatar? & TOTW banner?

il get it for you B)

Don't forget the "independance ya bassas" JA

no worries

JA some man. May have to get you <beeer> sometime,

purely to talk about politics of course.

Sorry back on topic, Aberdeen are seeing the benefit of consistent team selection, they will have their turn of suspensions and injurys.

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I am with you JA!


Hi! Nvager,good morning.I see I'm a new member again :unsure::D

glad to see you are back on board, PB. I'll be watching the game at home cause I'm watching my wee boy and I can't get him up at 5.15 to bring him out to the pub.

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