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We Will Get Promoted

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If we don't get promoted I will stick £50 into GovanBlues fund (can't remember the name of it).

This is to anyone who doesn't think we will get promoted and it's to ask if you are willing to put some money in the fund if we do get promoted ??

We will not get promoted with the Present Team.

However if there are changes in Midfield and up front then we may have a better chance,and McCulloch needs to go now.

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Bollox, a good team does not "settle" for future important games by dropping their standard and playing pish, reducing any cutting edge they may have.

They might pace themselves more, but usually this is done more freely and confidently, with more control.

Our current standard is just rubbish, and has been for long time now, even more notieable when it mattered more in games against top teams and cup matches..

I believe this 'settling' is a temporary mindset.
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It depends the route McCall goes down. I think we need to stop playing 4-4-2 and shore up the defence (dropping Lee McCulloch). If we finish in the top 4 we give ourselves a chance, that should be the priority.

We need to become a solid defensive unit. I would play 4-2-3-1 for the rest of the Season, but that's just me.


Walsh Vuckic Templeton

Hutton Crawford

Wallace Zaliukas McGregor Sinnamon


That's weird I've done that the different way around than usual :lol:

Anyway that would probably be my next side. Even swapping Templeton for Hardie and putting Gallagher out wide. We need a lift and players who are playing with confidence. But we also need players who well press the ball and a defence that has more pace. I'm not saying it's an easy fix and that team might be rotten, but it's time they're given a chance. Even the likes of Shiels, just give them a chance but give them it in their preferred position.

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No chance , this squad is beyond help , gutless losers .

The squad is toxic , there's been too long a period of part time training sessions , jolly japes at Auchenhowie with no structured coaching or training sessions .

The lack of proper coaching, long ball tactics , old pals act with certain players and lack of fitness is too deep rooted now .

It's a lost cause . All about planning for next season now , if you think otherwise you're a dreamer , or haven't been to enough games

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Tbh, all we have to do now is believe and I don't even know if jig can be dropped I think McCall has to complete some paperwork first in order to do that.

The first 10 minutes was really good, it was like watching a new team and then the more the game dragged on the more they got into the game, thus resorting to the usual tactics of booting it long, I believe it will change but it will take time, the only thing is we don't have time. If we are stuck in the championship for another season I would keep McCall to get us up and hopefully win that fucking petrofac training cup.

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As others have said I believe with time McCall can make improvements in the performance of even the imposters we presently have disgracing the Rangers shirt. But time is not on our side. I've heard it said of Boyd you don't score all those goals last season at Kilmarnock and become a poor player overnight but you equally don't turn unfit uncoached layabouts into promotion contenders in a week or two.

The number of points we have shed over the last few weeks is an utter disgrace and if we don't start picking up 3 points EVERY game we might not even get a chance at the playoffs.

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