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We Will Get Promoted

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If you look at the first 15 minutes of the game we were like a different team but then for the other 75 minutes we went back to the Ally/McDowall special. It will take time and hopefully McCall has had some time to assess the team e.g drop Jig, I think 99.9% of rangers fans want to see him dropped.

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And he done amazingly well until we came up a much better standard, I think we as Rangers fans expect to much we expect to be the best of the best even after liquidation. I think alot of fans dont realise just what went on during and behind the scenes at The Rangers and expect us just to bounce up the leagues no matter what.

Fact is if Ally went with youth from the offset we might still be in the 4th or 3rd division and fans would be screaming blue murder!!! Yet on here fans are screaming for youths to replace SPL players we have the now...No way would they be happy at a youth team still in the 4th or 3rd.

Now if only Naimsith and Co stayed...Then we would of been happy and we could of played decent football but of course they rats deserted us! But nothing to do with them...right?

Amazingly well ? He spunked huge amounts of money on premier league standard players and could not even coach them into playing a decent standard of football , instead just relying on hoof the baw tactics and dire football and doing enough to scrape 1-0 or 2-0 victories.. Aye he got away with it more often in division 3 and 2 simply due to the poorer standard of opposition , this still did not stop him from producing some of the most emberassing results in our football history. East Stirling, Forfar, raith rovers and Alloa to name a few . His time as a manager will be remembered as disaster.

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I know a lot of you think this is slipping away after another gutless performance and a team who haven't won in over two months but I'm confident we will be promoted.

SM is just in the door and this wasn't going to be fixed in a couple of days although I did expect to beat the leagues bottom club at home.

What I see in this team is that they've settled to take their chances in the play offs as they know three teams in this league will be fighting it out.

To me, I obviously want second place but in all honesty I don't think it will matter as once we start playing to our potential we will wipe the floor with whoever we come up against.

The team we have been seeing lately will be a completely different team by the time the play offs come round.

At the point SM will have us ticking and we will start to see some good performances and results that we've been expecting to see over the last few years.

I think the Newcastle lads will also make a difference and I'm looking forward to them making it into the team.

I will repost this the first week in May to show that I was right.

No Surrender Stuart McCall.

This is just more ignorant pish, its the same pish that saw fans blindsided into thinking we'd stroll this league, the same pish that blindsided fans into thinking we'd catch Hearts amd the same pish that thinks we're only 3/4 players away from challenging them in the top flight.

Pish Pish Pish

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Someone said to me yesterday if we were to get promotion some of the wasters would have the option of an automatic contract extention/renewal. Is this the case? I fucking hope not, the very thought of renewing any of that showers contracts fills me with despair. :anguish:

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Even allowing for a change of Board, the removal of the vastly out of his depth caretaker and installation of McCall and despite a large loyal crowd attending at Ibrox on a perfect afternoon for football - the team still could not lift themselves even to a level of mediocrity. They are so far below even mediocre that they have lost their relevance this season as a Rangers football team. Good luck to McCall in his attempts to turn this round and I really hope he receives some significant response from the players very soon.

But sometimes situations can be allowed to decline so far and so fast that recovery is beyond the powers of all but the very most inspiring and determined and credible of leaders. McC is not in that category. Very very few are. So there we have it. The track record of form implosion continues even though the team was presented with a gilt edged opportunity to show they can turn this round. Seems to me that too many of them just want the season to end and to move on or be chucked out or somehow engineer a transfer to another less stressful club. And with that comes the prospect that they would lose no sleep over not even making the play offs. For that prospect starts to loom into view as a prospect which is quite credible.

What then Mr King and Mr Murray - giving it every resource to try to win promotion but don't even make the play offs. Under your watch too. With time (albeit not much) to show your own leadership or have you thrown all the dice and its down to whether the McCall card can somehow do something?

A squad performing as low as this and who has no track record of winning out in important cup-tie types of games and who are out-muscled and out-energised and out-run by other teams week after week stands no realistic prospect of being promoted Whatever pride and fight they has evaporated. If I'm wrong then it's a few simple steps that the team can take to prove it. Don't concede any more goals and win every game to the end of the season. The task is simple enough to define. But the probability of them doing it is ......................? You know the answer. Its all about building for next season now.

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All comes down to hibs game next week. If we can get our act together by then and beat them we could get 2nd place. This would mean in the play-offs the 2nd leg would be at Ibrox. The team that comes down from spl get to play 2nd leg at home.

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Based on this seasons performances so far its highly unlikely, however SMcC might just create/ stumble upon a winning team and take us over the line, footballs a funny old game at times!

Also, it just depends on how much he wants to keep the job. If he does manage to take us up then surly he gets to keep the job, if not then he is out of a job at the end of this season.

If he's in it for the long hall then he has no room for sentiment or the old pals act, his next game will go along way to telling us his true intentions!

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I'm sure we will be in the play-off places at the end of the season.

it's then 3 games (max) for promotion. I would bet on us getting it right by then under SM.

Bears.....we will go up.

(Anyone like to bet £50 - to go to Sponsors Fund (Erskine) that I'm wrong)

small print...the above bet is for 1 person........I'm not taking on 40 of you !!!

I'll take that, bud (tu)

Either way the fund will be getting a donation, and for the first time in my puff I will be ecstatic to be down fifty quid

and hope I am proved wrong!

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