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*****the Official Hibs V Rangers Thread*****

Frank Reynolds

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Subs: Ginge Keeper (name totally escapes me), McCulloch, Murdoch, Gallacher, Hardie, Aird, Moshni

Think big Zal done his groin so wont be seeing him, Vucic's will be out for a few weeks.

Just cant face seeing McCulloch in the team, so pushed Wallace in one and introduced Smith to left back.

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The only positive here is McCall is getting more days to work with the players. So far he's only had a 2 days then a game then another 2 days then a game.

Shiels & Clark will probably stay in. I'd imagine Daly will be the preferred striker as both Miller & Boyd are done. Can't see him making any drastic changes to the defence if Zaliukas is out.


Sinnamon, McGregor, McCulloch, Wallace

Law, Murdoch, Walsh

Clark, Daly, Shiels

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Will be making sure I have plenty to drink before this. Hope to see someone also trying up front other than Clark as we've had no one else show his commitment this season, just feel sorry for him that his two goals were not enough tonight, but hope that boosts his confidence as there is definitely a player in there.

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I'm not confident at all. We're dropping points to the leagues dross teams and I just think our mentality is far too fragile to cope with 90 minutes. Hibs are confident and they'll go at it for the 90, we're guaranteed to be all over the place for lengthy spells.

We could get the win but it'll down to good luck for us and we may even need some bad luck for Hibs thrown in.

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McCall may just pull it off.

He might be used to a better quality opponent

If he doesn't our seasons finished

I'll give him a chance to work with what he has, he's hardky had any time to get it right yet, this is his best chance to work with the players time wise before a game and I think he'll get it right when it's needed.

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Anything but positive. I can see us taking another tanking here. They are on form and full of confidence.

I wouldn't be surprised if McCall sets us up for damage limitation and concentrate of winning the other fixtures.

Sad state of affairs!

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Good positive thread.

I thought for a spell against Alloa, after Boyd went off we looked decent with a bit of urgency. Unlucky with a couple of chances and hit by a sucker punch. Could just as easily been 3 - 1.

Still a lot of work to do but McCall showed he is prepared to make changes.

Having said that 4 - 1 hives. :-(

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