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Jig's Card Today

Frank Reynolds

Jig's Card  

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  1. 1. Was it a red?

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It's comparable to the west brom player yesterday for me.

As they said on match of the day you can't jump properly without using your arms and if you watch jigs eyes they are solely on the ball.

You can slow it down and show it from any angle you want but it's never a red card for me.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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If it had been a celtic player it would have been a yellow but no excuses for McCulloch he gave midden the opportunity to give him a red card and he did with glee and it gave the east coast backstabbers an advantage to get back into the game when we were coasting and it looked on the cards that we were going to score a few more. Time is up for big Lee legend, in fact it has been for some time !

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Red card no doubt about that - because he canny read the game, and he's too slow now.

Cheers Jig - we have had great times together, including the pride and enjoyment of receiving your committment to RFC, when others failed - but the same as all of us, time does catch us up pal.


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Yellow card for an elbow to the head from our player.

Red card for the opposition player diving.

Good unbiased logic there...

I'm a Rangers supporter.

Jig made minimal contact and it looked worse than it was - the Ref panicked and overreacted.

As for the cheating bastard hertz chancer - straight red for me.

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He's at it all the time. Usually trying to do his man instead of winning the ball, he's an embarrassment. The amount of times I've seen him go to knee somebody in the back when jumping and missing the ball is laughable.

It's not even a new thing. I know tims that have been calling him The Flying Elbow since as far back as we were in the SPL. It's just something that's became a bit more prominent in his game since we moved him into defence.

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It was a red

But Bobby Madden had a horrendous game yesterday, he couldn't wait to get his cards out for Rangers players. He also seemed to be giving them free kicks for absolutely nothing and when they were doing similar fouls we got hee-haw

Bald cunt

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Gives SMcC a great opportunity not to pick him for the remainder of the season, and yes it was a straight red!

Have to agree here.

It can be a difficult decision when you come in as a new manager to drop the club captain that has played a big part in Rangers success. But without a doubt LMcC's best years are behind him , and this now gives SMcC an opportunity to do so.

I expect another ' Simonsen ' situation , where once the suspension is over he will find it hard to get back into the team , if at all . It really is down to others now to make that position their own .

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He is a weak link , outdated and just a thug , but happy to steal a wage - my opinion if you check through has been the same since we signed him . and yes he scored a great headed goal against them - so what .

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