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Nicky Clark

Ferris Bueller

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Would love to see Hardie and Gallagher as our strike force on Sunday, with a midfield of Vuckik, Law, Hutton, Murdoch and Shiels, with a back 3 of McGregor, Zaliukas and Wallace but doubt it will happen.

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Nicky Clark is a goal scorer. That is true.

Without deliveries just how many would McCoist have scored.

We need a far better source of balls to the correct places.

Although we have shown in the games against Hibs and Hearts we can hold possession our putting balls into the correct area for strikers is shocking.

MCcoist did not just score taps in ffs, He could take it round players or score goals by himself...I've never seen Clark beat a man yet. Obviously your memory of Super is vague as fuck.

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Nowhere near good enough for Rangers..work rate is immense but first touch/Finishing and technique for me isn't what I want to watch every week.

For people saying he doesn't get the service every single game he's started he's had more than one good chance and normally failed to take it :( another of our current team I wouldn't shed a tear for.

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So Boyd was great in the SPFL last year but he can't score in the Championship this year because he's older and slower? There's nothing more to it than that? Nothing to do with a team full of poor players without confidence playing poor quality football I suppose. None of the strikers are doing well.

Yeah MacLeod scored plenty of goals and was a good player. I wish he was still at the club too but he ain't.

He's had ample opportunity to score sitters, he's shite. If you watched him against QOTS he's got a first touch like a brick wall. Absolutely horrendous player. While others are finding their form and confidence, he's still being carried.

I never said any of the strikers were doing well for fuck sake, take a look at the strikers we have... Clark (can run, that's about it... no use), Boyd (useless apart from the one goal per every ten sitters), Miller (another who can run about...), Daly.

Was just pointing out the fact that a midfielder who hasn't even been here for months has still scored more goals than our strikers. They're all stinking and the sooner Gallagher gets his chance with Hardie the better.

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Does not look like a football player, Put you or i in a Rangers team and were bound to score goals at some point like clark does.

Probably struggle to score 40+ a season at Queen of the South though.

Saying that he's never really impressed me at Rangers and despite his impressive goal tally the season before he signed for us, I was never that excited about him. People went on about him as if it was the English Premier League he was scoring they goals in on here.

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