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Ashamed Of Some Of My So Called "fellow" Support

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How anybody not just Rangers fans can vote for the lying hate filled scum that is the SNP is beyond me.

You shouldn't be making these kind of decisions based on what football team you support anyway.

Guidetti gets away with singing h*** are deid about us. A bear gets 4 MONTHS in jail for singing BB. They try to ban our Forces day yet play their rebel tunes at our cenotaph. We raise money for Lee R

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The election poll in the Debating Chamber on here proves that the SNP have surged.

AT one point they were nowhere, then all of a sudden they had about 30%.

I blame those wankers who invited NIcola Insurgent into the whole-country televised debates.

The cunt who did that will probably be responsible for the break up of the United Kingdom.

It gave the SNP, for the first time ever, national coverage, and with claims she won the debate, even though she wasn't standing, nor could anyone outside Scotland vote for her party.

Very strange also that Salmond was hardly seen at all in the campaign, yet he will be chief shitstirrer in the HoC form now on.

Disaster for the UK>

Still, if it makes the small minded small nation Scots happy, fuck everyone else.

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