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From A Brentford Fan


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Taken from elsewhere.

Afternoon all, hope you don't mind a lifelong Brentford supporter coming on your board for a natter.

Congrats on your new appointments, when I first heard that Warbs and Weir were likely to join Rangers I came close to a meltdown, wrongly thinking they were flirting with the hooped mob from up the road. We don't do good with hoops either! The thought of Warburton ending up there about as appealing to us as "one of your own" rocking up at that crowd on the other side of Glasgow. I should've known better though, Warbs just isn't that type of bloke and has chosen his next role carefully and respectfully. That's a sign of the man you've just employed, a class act in all that he does, but a man with the strength, ambition and footballing intelligence to help you get back to where you want to be. I guess you don't need me to tell you much about David Weir.

So what's MW like? Well as a person, likeable, loyal, very honest, open and extremely professional in all that he does. He's old school in that he wants to lead and take a strong hand in player recruitment, coaching and development of youth. Whilst new age in being open to many of the more modern ideas in football, ironically very well suited to the statistics / "moneyball" based model that we are now following. His main issue with it being the loss of any veto on future signings, this being handed on to 2 new DoF's. MW likes to run with a tight squad, unity is a big deal and the players will be encouraged to bond and enjoy each others company off the pitch. He expects to see the ball played from the back, typically the GK will look for a defender or be coached to play like a sweeper, no long punts upfield. He plays with flair and pace across the midfield areas, lots of quick passing but with real attacking purpose, midfielders will join in and support an often lone striker who will have to put a shift in to make it work. When he took over as manager after Uwe Rosler left us, the change was incredible to watch, he made the existing players better instantly and blew teams away with his attacking intent and levels of fitness not seen before. The season ending in a brilliant promotion from League 1, his promotion! Foloowed by an incredible 1st season back in the champonship, where most expected us to go back down we alsmost went up. By the way we scored lots of late goals, so my advice is never to leave early.

Oh and he always wears a whistle and flute, no chavvy shell suits.

Warburton wasn't perfect, nobody is, and sometimes we were a bit naïve and conceded soft goals, mainly through being so positive and unwilling to lump it - even when needed. Some say he lacked a plan B, most that say that don't really know what it means though, and L1 promotion in year one, followed by play offs in a really strong championship should tell you enough. His quote on plan B is to do plan A better. Some of the issues were squad related, and in other areas he's a quick learner and would have made the corrections quickly in time for next season.

MW gave Brentford fans the best football seen since our pre war peak under the legendary Harry Curtis, where BFC were "the" team in West London, not Chelsea, QPR or Fulham. Griffin Park was packed out every week last season and I've no doubt he'd have taken us to the Premier league in time for the opening of the new 20K stadium up the road. Sadly our loss is your gain, look after him, give him a little time and I think he'll bring you all the success you deserve. I'll follow follow Glasgow Rangers even more closely in future.

Any questions give us a try.

Best wishes from Middlesex / West London.

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Great post. The guy seems to know his stuff. His style of football will be rather novel up here. Playing out from the back, keeping the ball on the deck, plays with pace, lots of quick passing, unity FFS! We will the top tier no bother, never mind this shitty league and I'm serious.

The downside is, that style and the abilty needed, rules out most of the players we are left with. This will suit the young guns, thank fuck.

I'm sleverin already.

Dyin to see who he will bring in.

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What about when the game is in the last couple of minutes of a game with the scores equal, or the team is a goal down?

Reason I ask is that at Rangers, EVERY game is a MUST win.

Would he still tell the team to try and play through an opponent who has every player playing "behind the ball" essentially leaving you no choice but to throw in crosses into the box?

Or would he tell them to start throwing the ball into the box at every opportunity?

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Great post OP, thanks for all the positives, hope he gets the time and scope of requirements needed to push us up to the Premier.

All this positive news is hard to digest, hope it just keeps getting better, we all deserve a bit of respite from the negative.


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