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I wasn't expecting a full-blown remake as SE were quoted as saying it would take too much manpower to redo the game in style of that PS3 tech demo, but this is great news. I'd even have settled for the existing game with a fresh lick of paint to make it look acceptable on a modern telly.

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Just played the Episode Duscae demo for FFXV and I'm beginning to wonder if the FFVII remake would be better off released on the next generation of systems. FFXV looks good, but the frame-rate isn't great, and I can't see it improving vastly between now and launch; it's particularly noticeable in cut-scenes.

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Can understand the multiple releases to a degree - the original was 100s of hours worth of scripted gameplay and across a number of separate discs; but you could argue that some of today's current rpgs last just as long if not longer.

Will still buy this on release day though.

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