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Our New Captain Is....possibly John Eustace


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Even less at the age of 35 with a history of injuries.


Do you think it is a good move for Rangers to sign a 35 year old who has been released by a top half English Championship team.

Surely there are better options available.

I'm in 2 minds about it.

He's clearly a decent player. As I said earlier, he's a leader which we are sorely lacking. He's a holding midfielder which we have also lacked for a long time & it is probably a position that a lack of pace is fine.

That being said, he is 35 so we will get 1, possibly 2 years from him. He is recovering from a serious knee injury which is another concern.

If he stays fit I do believe he will be a good addition.

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There are very few players in Scotland who would be a regular for a top 8-10 in the English Championship.

What I was thinking- he's also in talks Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday, apart from the tims no one is going to Hearts, Hibs or Caley Thistle over those 2. He's still been doing a job at a high level.

Lets no confuse the targeting of one experienced player, who will offer as much off as well as on the park, with us signing aging former players under McCoist.

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The guys not even signed yet some are hoping to be proved right by saying he's rubbish basically. Not a fan of his age but I'll certainly trust warburtons judgement over anyone's in Scotland. If all he does is break up play and protect the back four to a good standard and helps us win the league then job done. MW said he wanted a core of young players with 1/2 older pros. Funny how the peralta signing was met with open arms despite never hearing of him

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35 years old? Maybe good for a bit of guidance for the younger ones and would definitely be a positive influence on the dressing room, but I fear the hatchet merchants of the Championship would be too much for his body to cope with.

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This actually is short term-ism at its best. We need leaders now, and he is one. If he helps to coach and mentor the younger players, he's adding value to the team in the long term as well. On the assumption that most of our signings will be younger players, I'm happy with this one.

So that justifies signing a near 36 yr old who's been injured since January..

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Folk not allowed an opinion?

Is your opinion based on actually seeing him play? There's an awful lot of spouting off about a player that 95% seem never to have heard of. Would you imagine that Warburton would have a much better idea of his qualities than anyone on here given that he:

a) Managed a team in the same league as his last season.

b) Would have known him from his time at Watford,

c) Is actually a manager and coach with a knowledge of the English leagues that is more than equal to most on here put together.

Of course everyone is allowed an opinion but I think I know who I would side with in this and it certainly wouldn't be people who don't have the first clue who he is.

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