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Durie & Jim Henry Leave Rangers

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Sadly I think Jig will be back as coach.. The scottish sun are saying 3 staff where punted Gordon, Jim and a masseur

GORDON DURIE has been axed by Rangers – paving the way for a possible return for Lee McCulloch.

SunSport understands Durie’s exit is part of a backroom clear-out, with head of sports science Jim Henry and a club masseur also binned.

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125 games in 7 season, under 18 games a season when the team was probably playing closer to 50/60, hardly legendary stats. Plus winning 6 titles as a squad player, although still impressive, again doesn't quite cut it as legendary.

Maybe our definitions of 'legend' are different!

Check out his playing record in the 9 in a row era. The average games was high, it only dropped under Advocaat when he was in his mid 30s and his career was winding down. In the four 9 in a row titles he wasn't a squad player. Selective memory, that. I'm sure Walter Smith said that his signing midway through the 1993-4 season was the crucial factor that season. Yeah, definitely a 9 in a row legend.

pish for a striker at that time to be honest mate

He played as a wide man frequently. He was never an out and out striker.

Also, his goalscoring record during his peak, during the 9 in a row era, was far better, and arguably very good for a guy that wasn't anywhere near being an out and out striker.

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I don't buy into how many goals scored/saves made turns you into a legend. Durie gave his all for us every time he stepped on the turf and even deputised at right back on occasion. The man deserves to be a legend. People saying he isn't need to take the silver spoon out their mouth and forget about players like gazza, laudrup who cost us a fortune in comparison to durie. For me he done everything he was asked and more.

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Novo I can accept I may be wrong, my thoughts are down to the fact that I thought he wasn't very good. I can't deny he scored very important goals for us but in general he was rubbish. First touch crap and finishing pretty poor but due to the importance of the goals he scored I can see why he is regarded as a legend.

Durie I'm still not having though!

Novo is but Durie isn't? Weird.

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Durie- not the greatest Player, but certainly one of the most professional, hence the reason he was playing in a team with the likes of Laudrop. He's had his time coaching at Rangers - but we need a change- I wish him every success.

Henry- The fitness levels on show over the last 3 years have been questionable- at one point I was watching Stranraer and wondering why they looked man for man fitter than us. It's a no brainer as far as I am concerned - he has to go- but again I wish him every success.

The next step would be Durrant leaving as soon as possible. I would be hugely disappointed to see Lee McCulloch brought into coaching- new standards of professionalism are required and unfortunately for Lee he is in my opinion tainted by association- perhaps unfairly- but we need as far as possible a clean start.

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Jamie Ramsden ?

Would be interesting to see the impact in the interim, as I would guess Warburton has somebody in mind to come in. I worked with Jamie years ago when he was doing his sports science degree, and can remember him always been enthusiastic about discovering new techniques and advances in the discipline.

Was always handy working a backshift with him if you had picked up a niggle playing at the weekend!

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That's about how i feel about them.

Having met both they are also decent guys off the field as well.

Yeah. I think the biggest difference is that Novo's fresher in the mind. But they're similar in terms of what they did for us. As fans, we've got alot to be thankful for from both. Good Bears. (tu)

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I feel the word legend gets banded around far too easily much in the same way as world class does. For me players like Durie, Novo or Ricksen all played their part in our various successes but imo they all fall well short of being regarded as Legends

For me the likes of Meiklejohn, Young, Struth, Morton, McPhail, Greig, Baxter & Gough should set the standard required other wise the term becomes meaningless.

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Durie joined us when he was 27 and for 5 out the 7 seasons he was an important part of our team, his last 2 seasons he was a bit part player.

For me he was a legend and in same bracket as Rod Wallace.

He had 1.5 very good seasons (second half of 93/94 and the whole of 95/96)

Outwith that, he was a very, very average player

He wasn't particularly popular with the fans either, whereas Novo was idolized by a massive percentage of them

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