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Micronesia Concede 114 Goals

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Micronesia concede 114 goals in three matches at Pacific Games

Micronesia went down to an eye-watering 46-0 defeat against Vanuatu on Tuesday to heap further embarrassment on a team that has now conceded 114 goals in three matches at the Pacific Games.

An opening 30-0 loss to Tahiti set the tone for an inglorious run of results, with a 38-0 demolition at the hands of Fiji following on Sunday.

Micronesia's beleaguered players would have been forgiven for thinking they'd hit rock bottom, but shipping close to a half-century of goals against Vanuatu - a team ranked 200th in the world - marked a new nadir.

Micronesia will at least escape an unwanted place in the record books as they are not affiliated to Fifa and squads at the Pacific Games are comprised of under-23 players as the event doubles as Olympic qualifying.

Micronesia put an outfield player in goal at half-time against Fiji with the score 21-0. Midfielder Dominic Gadad conceded 17 more
In Tuesday's final group match, Jean Kaltak scored 16 goals for Vanuatu.

The other group match on Tuesday was a goalless draw.

Minnows only have 18-man squad, rather than 23

The official world record remains Australia's 31-0 win over American Samoa in a World Cup qualifier back in 2001.


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Fiji and Vanuatu have been pointing the finger at Tahiti saying that they never would have ripped the pish if the Tahitians hadn't set the benchmark.

The Micronesians are just kids, don't have a full squad and most are playing 11 v 11 for the first time. They had to put an outfield player in goals at half-time because the keeper was so demoralised. Below is a quote from the Fiji manager, who has a fucking magnificent name.

Carlos Buzzetti said:

"I’m happy for the boys because we’ve done something good for the country, but at the same time I feel very bad about that. We had a benchmark set by Tahiti and as we’re playing them next we didn’t have any other options. After the game I apologized and they understand. You still feel bad though. They are young kids, they’re coming for the first time and if it wasn’t for the 30 goals Tahiti scored we would never have done that."

In saying all of that, what if Tahiti had taken it easy and went out on goal difference, much like the Scotland 1974 World Cup team who bowed out on goal difference? Being the only unbeaten team in the whole tournament was scant consolation to Scottish fans when they were sent home after sitting on a 2-0 lead against Zaire only for Yugoslavia to go out and win 9-0 against the Leopards.

The star-studded Scots' lack of a ruthless edge against the first Sub-Saharan team to qualify for a World Cup finals eventually cost the nation perhaps their best-ever chance of making a genuine bid to reach at least the last four of a World Cup.

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