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Mate I grew up in the era of strutting around as a 10 year old with that belter of a Scotland away kit with the purple and red lightning bolts on the white top, this kit is making me nostalgic! I wouldn't wear it in public though :lol:

I'm not familiar with that strip at all mate! In fact I'm not familiar with any Scotland away strip to be honest with you. I fail to see why the hell we need a 3rd kit anyway unless there is a rule I'm not aware of, such as we can't wear our home kit away from home in a clash of colours with the opposition.

Perhaps the cynic in me says it's a way of squeezing more money from our supporters who no doubt will be pestered by their kids to buy it. :pipe:

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Looks shite.

Horrible design, like they've asked some primary school kids to come up with some ideas.

I don't understand how these decisions get made? Someone getting paid handsomely coming up with these horrible kits....It's like Puma are back in the same era as Ally and his tactics.

Might look better on?!

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