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Don't know what I'm most pleased about! The goals, the passing, the tackling...fantastic to see the tackling when we didn't have the ball. No one gave up on a tackle...unlike the past few years.

Not the best start from us but we took them apart. Complete humping in the end!

This could be the start of a truly amazing season. Strap in lads, this is gonna be a hell of a ride :D

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I'm intrigued to see how the other teams respond to that result. Will they sit in and if so, how will we set the side up if they do. It is obvious we can now break quickly. Be interesting to see how we break down teams that park the bus.

Our achilles heal for the past 3 years (tu) one dimensional, predictable and lacking guile. the difference in fitness is already apparent, as you say we're faster, fitter, still I believe, a lot more to come.

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Fantastic result, particularly for an away match.

Good to see a lot of our players shaking hands with and talking to Scott Allan.

Todays' performance should make him even more eager to join us.

The other teams in our division will be bricking it after watching that performance. Happy days! :cool:

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It was typical Hivs. They come out like nutters and run around like headless chickens for the first 30m. I genuinely wasn't concerned. You cannot play at that tempo for 90m. It was the same in the play offs. Once the pace dropped the goals came.

A lot of positives and for optimism. Really like the look of Tav at RB and Halliday and Law ruled the second half.

Got to get Scott Allen he really looks a player for me.

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