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Rst To Sponsor Andy Halliday This Season

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There was a Twitter post yesterday that suggested that our new RB should change his first name to "Louden"


I reckon the Louden should pull out all the stops to sponsor him this season. :)

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Hospitality tickets aren't part of the package.

Ah, they've gone back to the previous year's package then. That's sensible.

EVER fancied the shirt off your favourite player's back?

Now you can with our Player Kit Sponsorship package that provides on-going company branding and fan recognition while also providing an exclusive signed and framed shirt that is ideal as a staff incentive, corporate gift or personal present. The package includes:

  • Name or company logo in every Championship home programme
  • Name or company logo, with hyperlink, on the players profile page on the Club’s website
  • Name or company logo on big screens when starting 11 are announced pre-match
  • Name or company logo on LED boards
  • Signed away shirt
  • Signed and framed home shirt
  • A personalised letter of thanks
  • The opportunity to meet your player and receive your framed shirt in person

Priced at £1,250+VAT.

The RST should easily make at least £500 raffling the framed shirt. That'll go towards next season's sponsorship no doubt, so that's good news too. (tu)

The RM Erskine Rangers Fund won't be tempted back though - we'll leave it to the big boys now.
Been there, done that, found a better path. :P
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