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Peter Alliss The Sexist


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Can't believe the flak that Alliss received for this.

"THE BBC has apologised after veteran golf commentator Peter Alliss provoked a second sexism storm by musing that the Open winner’s wife might want to use the prize money to buy a new kitchen." :D

Lesley-Ann Wade, manager of British golfer-turned-commentator Nick Faldo, said on Twitter: “Can’t believe he can say this! Sexist Alliss.” :D

Alys Mumford, communications and engagement officer at Engender, an equality campaign group in Scotland, said: “Another day, another story of sexism in sport. :D

Chic Brodie, SNP MSP for South Scotland and a member of the cross-party group on golf promoting the game in Scotland, said: “Alliss should realise that life has moved on, not least in golf where women have been making a significant contribution.“He really has to realise that his comments which might seem humorous are misplaced. The comment on the kitchen was totally misplaced. He needs to go home and think again, as they say.” :D

Note the SNP prick responds to alleged sexism with blatant racism.

But I watched the one hour documentary about Peter Alliss the other day and it was hilarious.

Ken Brown : Player got lucky there. Could have needed Carol Vorderman to count his score.

Peter Alliss: Ah Carol Vorderman. Saw her on TV the other day and I got aroused. Aroused, seven letters not bad for someone who left school at 15.

I think his days at the Open are numbered anyway with it moving to Sky in a couple of years. Sad day when it happens.

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He is 84 and is some generations removed from all the PC crap we have to deal with today. Do people take that into account? no they dont. Its pathetic trying to lump everybody of every generation with the same social mores as the the liberal left brigade of todays society.

The SNP response is the same purile response we have come to expect from todays mediocre brand of politician. Everything is about the English.

Alliss should tell them all to get to fuck and retire on the spot.

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Awful commentator but nothing wrong with the comment ffs


The best commentator of any sport ever.

A breath of fresh air as opposed to the bland, repetitive, non-committal shite we have to listen to these days.

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