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I'm Steaming Right But Here's My Drunken View


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Tavernier, stand out, the guy is a cut above the rest of the full-backs in this league

Kiernan & Wilson - Did they get beat once in the air all game? Other than a few shaky moments, we've knocked it off with these two

Foderingham - Dodgy with his distribution, not watched their first goal back but at the game I thought he could have done better?

Halliday & Holt - Unreal the pair of them, especially Holt in the first half then up until he got subbed, Halliday will become a bit of a fans icon IMO, his goal today was totally out of the ordinary, amazing

Waghorn - Right place right time for the first, done what any good forward would. Got a bit lucky that the second went in but the run he made then the audacity to hit the shot was good to watch

Wallace & Law - Law was poor in the first half for me but drastically improved in the second, wanted the ball, got stuck in, done well with the ball when he had it. And it looked like we had the old Wallace back today as well

McKay & Templeton - Both could have done better, would still rather Walsh started over one of them.

The subs done well

Overall, 10/10 for performance and result, fucking brilliant to have a Rangers team playing like this again, can't wait to get back to the top (tu)

I'm off to get more wrecked, enjoy your night bears, WATP.

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Have watched the game back, once we settled in, we were fucking machines!! Til the final whistle, get the ball, get up the park. All players looked lean and fit, Hivs looked slower and unfit! If they are serious about challanging this year, they have a lot to do!

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I'm just watching it the now. Half time an that goalie is a fckin bombscare. Amazing free kick tho. When was the last time we had someone who could hit a decent dead ball??

Stevie Smith hasn't been gone that long, has he?
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For the first 40 mins I thought we were pretty average to be honest - but after that we seemed to go into a completely different gear when the first goal went in.

I wouldn't have lumped McKay and temps in the same group - Mckay done far more for me than Temps - made the last goal all on his own while I thought temps was largely a passenger yet again. Thats two starts and zero end result from temps for me.

Foderingham looks well dodgy with the ball at his feet sometimes.

We looked really fit and finished really strongly - I can see us taking a lot of goals off teams later in games if that level of sharpness keeps up.

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