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Sandy Jardine

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I have a feeling that Sandy would have been delighted with the appointment of Mark Warburton.

"Standards", "Respect" "Entertainment" & "Class" all words spoken repeatedly by our manager in recent weeks.

All sum up Sandy perfectly both on & off the park.

Great gesture by the club, slowly but surely returning to the Rangers i was brought up on.


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That really brought shivers to me.

Watching our title celebrations last year, I just couldn't get into a party feeling. Losing Sandy was a big blow. He was one of the players I idolised as a lad. I watched from the Govan Rear section 7 (as it was then) and I couldn't keep my eyes off the east enclosure. I imagined myself as a boy standing in that area. Watching Sandy warm up big Peter McCloy with some short ball work. Now half that team I watched are gone and I feel old, but rejoice in the many happy memories they gave me.

Now when I attend, I will look down to the goal area at the Copland road and say a little prayer for Sandy in royal blue.

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I hope our new players take this in.

Sandy epitomised what it is to be a Ranger.

We as a club are lucky to have had such a humble, honourable and respectful ambassador, and those joining will realise exactly what it's like to be one of us.

We must do him proud on and off his park.

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For it's the home of famous heroes
And their praises have been sung
Willie Waddell, Torry Gillick
Alan Morton and George Young

And when all my life has ended
And when death has made it's mark
Will you scatter all my ashes
On the slopes of Ibrox Park

And with the Angels I'll be singing
Up in heaven there up above
I'll be singing Follow Follow
To the Rangers that I love

And with my flute I will be playing
In the valleys and the glens
I'll be happy and contented
When the Rangers win again.

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A gentleman on and off the field, and true blue just doesn't cover what this Legend meant and still means to so many.

His passing affected all of us, and this fitting tribute does a lot of justice to his memory and now literally makes him the spiritual caretaker of Ibrox.

Well done to all involved, a touch of class ........ Sandy would have loved it.


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