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*** Donate Your Seat For Any Game To A Veteran

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Its a bit early to tell if al go or no mate but i hate fucking early sunday kickoffs so yer in wae a chance fur 2.

Whens the latest you'd need to know,like a week before or....

Yeah at least a week before. I need the time to work it all out, get to the ticket office, then post the tickets out to arrive in good time.

I'd like to help out with this situation if possible. Being a squaddie my self I don't get to every game traveling up from catterick so there are a few games that I will inevitably miss.

I'll PM you. (tu)

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I've just found out we need one more ticket for the St Mirren Game for a Combat Stress Veteran.

If anyone has a spare seat they want to donate, please PM me before 12 noon Friday.


Still looking for one free seat for the St Mirren game tonight, if anyone can help.

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So now back to the Hibs game. :D

If your S/T seat will be sitting empty for the Hibs game, please PM me and we can donate your seat to a Veteran for that game. No smartcards change hands. (tu)

Not hibs mate but as mentioned before 12th Sept and also 3rd and 17th October looking like I will be busy, I am sure you will do threads at the time but just keep a note in your filofax to hit me up.

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Thanks to ianb1547 for the use of his seat for the Hibs game. :thumbup:

Another couple more seat donations and we'll have this game covered.

Bump. We still need a couple of seats for the Hibs game. If anyone's going to miss the game, here's your chance to put your seat to good use. (tu)

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Still looking for one more ticket.


If you ARE going to the Hibs game, what about the Raith game (05/09) or the Livi game (12/09)? :pipe:

You know that you're using my ST for the Raith and Livi game but no sending up usurpers who call people Cunts I have standards to uphold lmao
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