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*** Donate Your Seat For Any Game To A Veteran

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11 hours ago, Bears r us said:

Bears are indeed magic GB and so is a magic hat. :thumbup: 

Looking forward to meeting up with you at the final league game of the season and hopefully a few other fund members. (tu)


Lots of Members will probably be wanting to collect their medals after the Alloa game, so we may as well combine that with a Fund Member meet-up - I'll bring a donation box


and my trusty donation bucket.  



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Spare a thought for SurreyBear, one of this thread's most active donors, who, after several months of planning, has just had to cancel his much anticipated trip up for the Alloa game! :(

I hope he gets some solace from the fact that a Veteran in need, and his young lad will now get to go to the game in his place. (tu)

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On 08/04/2016 at 5:54 PM, govanblue said:

Rangers v Alloa

So here it is folks - your very last chance to donate your seat to a Veteran this season.

I expect most of you will be doing your best to get to this game, but if you're not able to be there, we can make sure there's someone sitting in your seat, cheering the Champions on your behalf. :21:







A reminder of the reason for this being bumped on a regular basis.  :541:

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