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Learning From Each Game


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Firstly, I'd just like to say that tonight's game was not only exciting and entertaining but it was a pleasure to watch. The support at the game was fantastic, the noise was unbelievable and it really seemed to push the players.

Anyway, Mark Warburton talks about learning from each game, and so tonight is no different.

For me, there are times where the defence looked slightly uncomfortable at times by high pressure. Personally, learning from tonight, I think we need to look at teams pressing high and just not be afraid to clear our lines if needed. As much as I love the style of football, I do think it's necessary to clear the ball at times, especially the goalkeeper.

As far as missing chances go, the St Mirren keeper was terrific, and full credit to him for that, but on top of that we should obviously work on finishing!

Thoroughly entertained though by what the team produced tonight.

Would definitely say I was sent home happy, just as Warburton would have liked.


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My only two concerns is our profligacy with our chances and the defence.

I appreciate that with our style of play we will lose goals but it is the ease which our defence is undone at times. The goal and penalty today and also the burnley goal springs to mind. It will take time for our defence to gel but I can see why warbs wants eustace ro protect the back four.

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