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Who will we sign - Poll


He will come?  

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  1. 1. Some, all, none?

    • Cuellar
    • MCCulloch
    • Faubert
    • Naismith
    • Any other player

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I three out of the four named and maybe a couple after we qualify for the champions league group stages and secure a bit more money. :D

McCulloch and Naismith would be the two definate and one of Faubert/Celluar hopefully I'm wrong and we get them all.

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i reckon we will get mcculloch ( unfortunatly) cuellar and i have a feeling we will get naismith to be honest but probably not untill later. Cant see faubert coming unfortunatly but i am sure there will be other signings that havent been mentioned. I would like another 4 signings at the very least but i reckon there will be at least 2 signings that havent been in the papers yet.

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McCulloch and Naismith seem like the most likely prospects but hopefully not at the prices demanded by their current clubs.

Cuellar is a dark horse in transfer terms.

I think that there will be a couple of other unknowns.

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Guest The Brown Brogue
Can you amend the poll so there a 'none' option....

No - Cuellar HAS signed!!


My usual brilliant level of foresight! :craphead:

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